Our Stewards

Our Stewards

P. T. Yohannan


A mentor and guide to the executive management of the company, he brings to bear his extensive techno-managerial experience, having been a Member of the Kerala State Electricity Board and consultant to various state electricity boards in India. Today he continues to be engaged with cutting edge ...

Thomas P. Thomas

C. E. O.

He joined as the C.E.O. in 2011 and has been responsible for strategy formulation and execution. His competency lies in the area of strategy and general management and has a keen sense of technology trends. He has a graduate degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering ...

Anoop John

Founder & C. T. O.

A Free Software Evangelist and Technologist, he founded the company as part of his personal mission of contributing to the formation of a compassionate and just society. He leads the technology decisions and guides strategy. He has graduate and post graduate degrees in Electronics ...

Babilo Augustine

Director - Aus & NZ

Babilo is the Managing Director at Zyxware Technologies, Australia & New Zealand. He is responsible for managing the business operations in Australia and New Zealand, with focus on strategic partnerships, new business development, account management, brand management, and statutory ...

Vimal Joseph

Senior Manager - Technology

He heads the technical solutions design, quality assurance systems and internal training and competency development programmes. He has strong expertise in diverse technology areas and is a widely regarded Free Software Evangelist. He has worked with Government of Kerala for ...

Susan John Jacob

Senior Manager - Operations

She heads the delivery operations and is responsible for driving the design and growth of the operations. She has a graduate degree from National Institute of Technology, Trichy. Over her 10 years of experience, she has played several roles in delivery for fortune 500 companies, the most recent being BPM ...

Lijo Abraham

Manager - Human Resources

He is responsible for heading the HR team in managing and streamlining the entire gamut of HR functions, proactively create the business plan and cost – effective strategies and policies and implementing the same to achieve the company's vision and long-term objectives...


on 02nd May 2018 / by harikrishnan.v
/sites/default/files/Transforming-Academic-Sector-using-Artificial-Intelligence-and-Analytics-article.jpg Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Analytics have been evolving rapidly for quite some time now. Technology giants like Google and IBM have played a crucial role in democratizing it. Business organizations have started using AI based services massively for the betterment of their processes and improvement of efficiency. Right from marketing to operations management, AI based tools have started upending conventional tools. The insights delivered by Analytics help organizations in making crucial business decisions. Artificial Intelligence Analytics Academic Sector Read more about Transforming Academic Sector using Artificial Intelligence and AnalyticsAdd new comment

on 18th April 2018 / by fathimath.sajila
The two industry-wide security vulnerabilities named Meltdown and Spectre are hardware bugs that can allow hackers to steal sensitive information such as passwords, encryption keys from the memory of other programs. They work in different ways, affect different processors from Intel, ARM, and AMD, and require different fixes. Security Read more about 4 Steps to Follow to Protect Website from Meltdown and SpectreAdd new comment

on 16th April 2018 / by Nisha.Oommen
In today’s digital world, one size fits all marketing is no longer relevant, instead, the focus is on contextual marketing and personalized customer experience across the entire sales funnel through digital platforms. Many businesses are working hard trying to build their customer engagement, but often fail because they are focused on any and all kind of interactions without considering the value that is added through the relationship. When a business uses Drupal 8 as its platform of choice, it takes ownership of the experience that is being delivered to customers. Drupal 8 Digital Marketing Read more about Is Drupal 8 the Right Choice for Digital Marketing?Add new comment

on 10th April 2018 / by jithin.prabhakaran
Patternlab is a dynamic organizational and prototyping tool for Drupal theming. By theming with pattern lab, your custom theme allows us to manage and build components in accordance with the required workflow using atomic design concepts1. Using Pattern Lab for Drupal 8 Theming Instead of rendering default Drupal templates, we can introduce pattern lab to include twig files using atomic concepts. It allows us to include external twig files by overriding the specific templates. Pattern Lab Drupal 8 Drupal Theming Read more about How to Use Pattern Lab for Drupal 8 ThemingAdd new comment

on 09th April 2018 / by webmaster
The 2018 DrupalCon is all set to start today at Music City, Nashville, Tennessee. The event will be flagged off by the customary keynote address by Drupal founder- Dries Buytaert. Zyxware’s founder and CTO, Anoop John will be attending the conference on behalf of the company. DrupalCon News Read more about DrupalCon Nashville: Zyxware to be represented by Anoop John Add new comment

on 05th April 2018 / by harikrishnan.v
If you are a Drupal enthusiast, business owner, consultant or anyone one who loves web technology, this infographic will be useful for you. It explains the capabilities of Drupal in various aspects like types of project, integration capabilities, database choices, and interoperability. This infographic can be used as a quick check sheet for driving conclusions on technology choices. Drupal 8 Read more about What You Can Do On A Drupal PlatformAdd new comment

on 02nd April 2018 / by webmaster
Zyxware has formally started its on the ground operations in the US with its subsidiary DxForge Inc head quartered in Hackensack, NJ. Anoop John, Founder and CTO of Zyxware has moved to the US to set up the operations of the US subsidiary and build a team for the US subsidiary. News Read more about Zyxware starts US subsidiary DxForge IncAdd new comment

on 15th March 2018 / by webmaster
Building a brand in new geographies, identifying opportunities, nurturing channels, structuring relations and creating true value through sales and business development. That is your job description. The management with a commitment to vision and values, insistence on quality and patience to build for excellence is your ally. A brand built over 11 years delivering true value to over 175+ clients over the world, a respected firm in our technology community, subsidiary in Australia and US, partners in UK are the assets you have to build on. Careers Job Openings Read more about Senior Manager, IT Services International Sales @ Zyxware Technologies (SM021803)Add new comment

on 13th March 2018 / by
Kraftwagen is an Open Source deployment tool which is built entirely on top of Drush. Kraftwagen makes Drupal “easy to use” for developers, who customize Drupal extensively, need staged deployments and use version control systems to collaborate. It provides a set of commands for 'drush make' based Drupal development workflow. Benefits of using Kraftwagen for security updates By using Kraftwagen to deploy security updates, the benefits are multifold, which include Security Updates Drupal 7 Kraftwagen Read more about How to Deploy Security Updates to Drupal 7 Site through KraftwagenAdd new comment
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