A Human-Centered UX Approachto Lead Generation and Enhanced Customer Experience: A Case Study From Finance Sector


In a digital age where user experience is king, our project set out to transform Manappuram Finance Ltd.'s digital platform with a dual focus: enhancing lead generation and redefining customer experience. This case study delves into the UX aspects of the project, detailing the journey of this transformation and illustrating how a nuanced approach to digital engagement can drive business growth and enhance customer satisfaction.

Project Goals

  1. Build a digital lead generation platform that is discoverable amongst potential customers of MAFIL
  2. Encourage conversion of visitors to leads by submitting an inquiry form once the potential customers visit the platform

To achieve our goal of enhanced lead generation and customer engagement for Manappuram Finance Ltd., we focused on improving the user experience by redesigning and reallocating web pages for a more intuitive look and feel. This approach underpins the broader project of revamping the MAFIL platform into a modern, easily discoverable online presence, designed to attract and convert new customers. 

Aligning with Manappuram's business objective to become a leader in the financial services sector, this transformation caters to a wide market with diverse offerings, including home loans, vehicle finance, microfinance, MSME loans, and gold loans.




The UI was dated, and the message focused more on products than people. Here are the key problems identified.

  • Current website navigation was poor
  • Reusable components were significantly less
  • User experience was inferior
  • The bounce rate was higher for the site
  • Lesser lead generation
  • Site accessibility was considerably less.

Our Approach

Zyxware approached the revamping with a human-centered design. We started with business consulting, where we engaged with the stakeholders, including the sales and marketing team of Manappuram Finance, and created a design brief that defined the content strategy and messaging. 

Manappuram Design Brief

Based on the brief, the UX team designed a new seamless experience that accommodated the needs of the platform users and the objectives of Manappuram without introducing any abrupt shift in their usage patterns. We followed a simple and agile approach to identify, break down, prioritize, and transform the needs and objectives into an intuitive and simple-to-use website for, Manappuram.


Design Thinking Process

Stakeholder Workshop (UX)

Zyxware conducted discovery workshops involving the stakeholders of Manappuram. This exercise helped ensure that the users' needs were cared for without a disconnect. We believe that identifying personas is a powerful and versatile technique to get insights and a great way to synthesize user research. We analyzed the competition by researching and gaining knowledge regarding what best suited our project. It helped us build the website that gained visibility among users and met the business objectives and desired future state platform for Manappuram.

Playback Session

In the Playback session, we emphasized the valuable insights and future state vision we captured—validated stakeholders' sentiments on various use cases by plotting out contextual examples and citations. Most interestingly, in the playback session, we encouraged stakeholders to prioritize the user stories and features using a dot-voting technique. They were super excited and participated with full energy. Hence, the session went well with a bunch of cool features and especially a significant level of mutual consensus—the art of co-creation in all aspects.

Ideation & Wireframing

We focused on more straightforward and scalable wireframes to validate quickly and often for us to get early feedback. The early feedbacks are the one that helps us fail faster and continuously do course correction, thereby aligning the expectation vs. outcome. Using the Ideation wireframing phase, we've managed to generate as many crazy ideas as possible, engage stakeholders effectively, and show them the art of the possible.


High-Fi Prototype (Web & Mobile)

The designs imply the intrinsic values of Manappuram, purpose, and goal for society. Overall, the visual design is created from a perspective to build trust among users, reduce the drop-off rate and increase revenue and engagement. The website is very simple, which conveys the value proposition offered and helps users, partners, and state agencies with easy and convenient navigation. We carefully crafted content for each page to build trust and credibility and convince new users to engage with the Manappuram team. The dynamic yet super responsive screens are designed to convey the benefits and allow the platform to be scalable and simplified to improve the user experience.



Manappuram Home Page
  • A seamless amalgamation of various scattered data and content into one website
  • Simple and improved screen navigation using familiar user patterns and concepts
  • Digital transformation into an easy-to-use content management system
  • Brought up higher visibility Manappurams initiatives, making results and impact
  • Enable users with seamless website access across various form factors

Key Takeaways

What We Learned

We literally experienced and learned the power of co-creation from this project. It is vital to collaborate with stakeholders and users to produce ideas. Consensus is the best way to make informed user experience decisions from inception to go to market life cycle.

Other Takeaways:

  • User research plays a vital role in the output of the design
  • Design thinking is such a powerful technique to unveil the user needs and pain points
  • Simple designs and familiar design patterns are the best way to engage users across all age categories.

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