4 Attributes to Measure the Quality of the Content You Publish

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Creating and publishing valuable, beneficial content on the web for users is a new way of marketing. It is performed to promote business. It is often said that the content is the king in leading the search engines like Google, Bing etc, by the website.1

Do you know why?

90% of the web users stick to the first few pages of the search engines, meaning that 90% of the business depends on the websites’ position in the search engines. Any website highlighted in this category gets the majority of the business. 

Content is a generic term, but this can be anything from webinars to blogs and social media posts. It’s anything that your business is putting out into the world that represents your business. So, these pieces of content should be high quality and engaging. 2

Let’s analyze four important attributes to measure the quality of the content you publish in digital marketing.

Four Important Attributes to Measure Content Quality



1. New Vs Returning visitors

What drives more traffic to your website? New users or repeat visitors?

It is a common question that most of you may ask yourself before a digital marketing campaign.

Creating high-quality content can increase your repeat visitors. Returning visitors means, you have more opportunities to show your messages to the same audience and you get a higher chance of a conversion.

2. Bounce Rate

Have you ever thought about how fiasco it would be if a substantial percentage of your website visitors left without taking an action, such as clicking on a link, filling out a form, or making a purchase?
It happens when your website is flooded with low-quality content. High-quality content reduces bounce rates, which increases the ranking of your site. 3

3. Average time spent on the website

Your website’s conversion rate will be higher if you can keep the audience on your site by providing the relevant and high-quality information they are looking for. 4

More time on the website means more chance that the user to see and try your Call to Actions (CTAs) and the result is likely more conversion.

4. Backlinks

What if more and more people are more likely to link to your website from outside sources?

Yes, this is possible with high-quality content. If you build trust in your websites with high-quality content, gathering a crowd for something valuable you posted on your website is comparatively an easier task.5

Key Takeaway

High-quality content on your website is a win-win situation for you and your audience. To reap the benefits from high-quality content, you should also think about efficient digital marketing systems that can help you show the right message to the right people at the right time. At Zyxware we are working with customers like The News Minute to create differential experiences to their visitors to improve the overall conversion goals.6 &7 Contact us for more details.