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Welcome to the blog dedicated to updates on our Website Personalization Engine For the past few months, we have been building an end-to-end website personalization machine that can be used to deliver messages targeting individual visitors of the website. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we make this on top of Drupal (it is also easily portable to WordPress) and integrated with multiple systems, including Hubspot, Optinmonster, Google Analytics, Looker Studio, Mautic and Apache Unomi. The initial alpha is deployed to our website. Let us know if you are interested in an early preview of the system. Read more about this in the following blog posts.

Website Personalization Demo

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Generative AI is transforming the way we consume and create content. From crafting captivating educational materials to delivering timely news updates, AI avatars are emerging as a powerful tool for dynamic information delivery. These virtual presenters are becoming increasingly realistic, making video production easier than ever. The ability to automate the process end-to-end—from text input and templates to the final rendered video—is now within reach. Research is ongoing, and Microsoft's advanced VASA-1 model offers a glimpse of the future, where super-realistic videos can be generated from just a photo.
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Website Personalization Every visitor unique, every click counts. Track, analyze, audience    personalize content that feels like magic.         Contact Us Website Personalization Strategies that Work Email CampaignTurn email clicks into conversions on the website with a seamless, personalized journey through content, ads, CTAs, and visuals.  Try Demo  Geo LocationCustomize user experience by leveraging geolocation. Show content according to the visitor’s country, city, state, or continent.Try Demo Number of VisitsDisplay distinct ads, CTAs, and messages for first-time visitors, returning visitors, and existing customers.Try Demo Visitor/Customer PersonaCraft personalized content and targeted ads tailored to visitors' unique personas.Try Demo Acquisition ChannelGuide visitors on their unique journeys by personalizing content and ads based on their traffic source.Try Demo A/B TestingA/B test content and CTA variations to discover what drives visitor action and keeps them coming back.Try Demo 6 Practical Personalization Examples SMEs Can LeverageWhile many assume website personalization to be a luxury tailored only for major corporations, it's a potent tool that SMEs can harness to capitalize on micro-moments. By considering it not as an overwhelming venture but rather as a journey that can be started with simple steps. Here are six manageable strategies with examples to begin the personalization journey.Read More Our Attempt to Design a Personalized Digital Experience EngineFor the past few months, we have been building an endto-end website personalization machine with all these capabilities. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we make this on top of Drupal (it is also easily portable to WordPress) and integrated with multiple systems, including Hubspot, Optinmonster, Google Analytics, Looker Studio, Mautic and Apache Unomi. The initial alpha is deployed to our website.Read More Leverage Content Groups for Personalized Digital ExperienceWebsite personalization has become an essential aspect of online marketing in recent years. One of the critical components of website personalization is determining the user's interests. If we know what the user is more interested in, we can use that information to show messages relevant to the user and get a better chance of conversion on the website.Read More Success Story Bringing Government Closer to Citizens: Revamping Arizona’s Digital Experience This project intends to highlight the outcomes accomplished by the Arizona Government Transformation Office (GTO). Collaborating closely with the GTO team, we have executed a visually appealing, contemporary design for the website portal. This redesign aims to enhance the overall user experience and accessibility of the website. Read the full story. State of Arizona Arizona Government Transformation Office Learn More About Website Personalization Create a unique experience for every userTailor the pages to each visitor's specific interests and needs, leading to a better user experienceLearn More Demo on how to use geo-specific website personalizationIf we know the visitor's location, the user journey offered to them can be personalized based on the location.Learn More Digital marketing experiments for conversion optimizationDiscover our process of initiating an agile digital marketing experiment to enhance our conversion rateLearn More Data-driven personalization in E-commerceExplore significant changes that data-driven personalization can bring to the e-commerce industry.Learn More Demo on aligning web content with email promptsEnsure every touchpoint counts! This aligned experience further deepens visitor connection with your brand.Learn More FAQ on website personalizationGain insights into key FAQs addressing Website Personalization, providing valuable information for better understanding.Learn More Leading Drupal Supporting Partner Focusing on the most critical issues and opportunities, our goal is to lay a future-ready foundation.Zyxware Technologies is a renowned Drupal agency, recognized among the top global providers of Drupal Development Services. Backed by our Gold Drupal Certified Partner status and active participation in the Drupal Signature Supporting Program, we've built a strong reputation for expertise and community contribution. Our impactful contributions are further reflected in our impressive marketplace ranking. Enabling Digital Transformation with Drupal Development Services Acknowledged as Top 10 Drupal web development contributors, our successful Drupal stories can be best explained by the digital transformation journey of our clients. Start your digital transformation journey with us! 15+ Years of drupal 220+ Projects delivered 45K+ Websites 100+ Clients globally Ready for a Magical Transformation? Ignite Personalization: Fill Out the Form hbspt.forms.create({ region: "na1", portalId: "20263005", formId: "a7e13e1d-a327-4a50-af2e-884d37e2a02d" });
What is website personalization? Website personalization is tailoring a website's content and layout to individual users based on their preferences, behaviour, and demographics. This can include displaying different content or images based on the user's location, recommending products based on their browsing history, or adjusting the website's layout based on the user's device. How does website personalization benefit businesses? Website personalization can help businesses increase customer engagement, improve conversion rates, and increase customer loyalty. By providing a more personalized experience, businesses can make their website more relevant and valuable to users, leading to increased sales and repeat customers. How is website personalization implemented? Website personalization is typically implemented using cookies or browser storage to track user behaviour and preferences. This data is then used to adjust the content and layout of the website in real time. A good personalization engine can help marketers create personalization rules and deliver messages to the pages. There can be other systems like a persona detection engine that can tag the visitor to a persona, and the rule engine can deliver messages targeting a specific visitor persona. Additionally, businesses can use marketing automation software, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and customer data portals (CDP) to collect and analyze data on customer behaviour and pass the details to the personalization engine. What are some examples of website personalization? Some examples of website personalization include: Showing different content or offers based on the user's location Recommending products based on the user's browsing history Adjusting the layout of the website based on the user's device Providing personalized product or service recommendations Customizing the website's navigation based on the user's preferences Are there any privacy concerns with website personalization? Yes, website personalization can raise privacy concerns by collecting and using user behaviour and preferences data. Businesses need to be transparent about their data collection practices and provide users with clear options for controlling their data. Additionally, businesses should comply with all relevant data privacy laws and regulations. If the system uses first-party data and does not store personal information like IP address, Emails, etc., to connect the browsing pattern with an identifiable individual, there is not much trouble. How does website personalization benefit lead generation? Website personalization can benefit lead generation by providing users with a more personalized and relevant experience. Businesses can increase the likelihood that users will convert into leads by showing targeted content, offers, and calls to action based on user behaviour and preferences. Additionally, personalized forms, landing pages, and product recommendations can help to streamline the lead-generation process and improve conversion rates. How does website personalization improve user experience? Website personalization improves user experience by providing a tailored and relevant experience for each user. Businesses can make the website more valuable and engaging by displaying content and offers most relevant to the user. Additionally, personalized navigation, layout and design can help to make the website more user-friendly and easy to navigate. Overall, website personalization helps create a more engaging and satisfying experience for users, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. How website personalization can be used to improve lead nurturing? Website personalization can improve lead nurturing by providing a more personalized and relevant experience for leads throughout the sales process. Businesses can increase the likelihood that leads will convert into customers by using data on lead behaviour and preferences to display targeted content, offers, and calls to action. Additionally, personalized product recommendations and lead-nurturing emails can help to keep leads engaged and interested in a business's products or services. How website personalization can be used to improve customer retention? Website personalization can improve customer retention by providing customers with a more personalized and relevant experience. By using customer behaviour and preferences data to display targeted content, offers, and calls to action, businesses can increase the likelihood that customers will return to the website and make repeat purchases. Additionally, personalized product recommendations and customer retention emails can help to keep customers engaged and interested in a business's products or services. FAQ on Website Personalization
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Personalization is about providing unique services and content to customers based on the company's data about their customers. Providing personalized customer experience has become a top priority for most businesses because personalization significantly impacts brand advocacy and brand loyalty. Traditionally, marketers personalize the content and services based on a sample survey that explains the behaviour of a large group with the data collected from a small group.
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Customer data is considered one of the most valuable assets for any business. The more data we have, the more in-depth engagement we can drive with a customer. Customer data will help us know about the customer, his purchase behaviours, products of interest, potential, etc. This information will help organizations frame strategies for business as well as from the technology end.
Personalized Onsite Messaging
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Personalization is at the core of a customer portal. Customer portals offer a handful of personalization options to portal administrators. This includes personalization of the content, communication, user experience etc. The better the personalization we deliver, the more effective will be customer loyalty built. This also influences the purchase behaviour of a customer.
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Personalization has become a game-changer for eCommerce sites. It helps store owners proactively engage with visitors and provide them with what they want. Customers also expect e-commerce systems to provide them with unique experiences based on their preferences. Studies prove that personalization has increased customer engagement and sales to a great extent.
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Businesses are increasingly accumulating digital consumer data from the multiple channels through which interactions occur. Personalization efforts can be made tangible, measurable benefits through this aggregated consumer data. According to a Gartner survey1 of vendor's reference customers, there was an overwhelming majority of 99% of those surveyed who stated their satisfaction in receiving the expected ROI from their personalization offerings. Seventy percent of them reported using a SaaS solution.