List of Top Organizations Using Drupal

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Drupal 1 is one of the most popular Free and open-source platforms for web content management among global enterprises, NGOs, higher education institutes, and governments. It is used to build large complex content-rich Drupal websites.

Drupal's Multi-lingual, Multi-Site capabilities, 3rd party and MarTech integration ability, security and scalability are some factors that make it the default choice for many enterprises.

List of the Most Popular Organizations Using Drupal for their websites




NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, is a space program that falls under the US federal government. NASA has been known for its success in various aerospace and aeronautics research projects. You might also follow their website if you know about NASA or are a space fan. Drupal powers all the content that you find on the main NASA website. It is how NASA reaches out to you and others to help you learn more about your favourite planets, space, upcoming projects, and every other related news and research. The company has leveraged the flexibility and strength of Drupal’s back-end to build content and get content from other sources.

2. The Royal Family

We bet you didn’t guess this, but yes, The Royal Family of Britain has an official website - that also uses Drupal. The website’s content and updates are solely, securely, and effectively powered by Drupal. This website has about 12 million visitors a year.


UNESCO is a specialized agency whose goal is to eradicate poverty, build peace, and contribute to intercultural dialogue and sustainable development via information, communication, culture, the sciences, and education. So, imagine how much content they would need daily to let the world know better.

In short, UNESCO—United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization—is another excellent organization that uses Drupal to fuel its online appearance.



4. Grammy

Anyone who loves music knows about the Grammy Awards. Grammy also has a website that keeps the world posted regarding the world’s music industry. This prestigious music award organization’s website runs on Drupal as well.

5. AMD

Do you own a laptop, PC, or even a mobile phone? Well, each of these devices runs with the help of a processor. One of the top companies that develops desktop processors is AMD.

Advanced Micro Devices Inc, AMD for short, is a US MNC in California ahead of its game in developing computer processors and related technologies for the consumer markets. AMD has a solid and robust website as well. And it benefits from the flexible and scalable features that Drupal offers while using it to draft its website content and increase its online presence elegantly.

6. Qualcomm

If you are a computer geek, then you might have heard about Qualcomm. It is an MNC that produces telecommunications and semiconductor equipment in the US. It is a company running on the top and is also powered by Drupal.

7. Indian Government

Every government agency has a website to keep the public updated with all the latest news, laws, etc. Just like that, the Government of India also has an official website powered by Drupal.

8. Johnson & Johnson

All of us have perfect memories of Johnson & Johnson. Many of us have used this brand till now as well. Besides its great products, JnJ and its mother website share a lot of content to help us. All this online content management is taken care of and is powered by Drupal.

8. Warner Media

Time Warner is a part of the parent company Warner Media, LLC. We have all had experiences with this website as well. A US-based MNC that offers mass media and entertainment conglomerate services has been a part of many people’s entertainment plans. Drupal also runs the parent website of Time Warner.

10. Oscars

One of the top academy awards shows that every celebrity wishes to win an award is the Oscars. They also have a website where everything about the academy is posted. Drupal powers this website too.

11. Nokia

Another top company website that uses Drupal is Nokia. Nokia is one of the oldest phones in the market and is also the biggest phone producer for almost two decades. Their website is always up to date with the latest achievement and studies. And all this content is brought to you by Drupal 8, which is being used as a project.

12. Oxford University

Drupal is a choice for many companies, including educational institutions. Oxford University has been using Drupal for many years to power its website and reach out to the right audience. The Oxford University website trusts and runs on Drupal CRM due to its top-class features, including efficiency, security and scalability.

13. GE - General Electric

General Electric (GE) is another famous company and has also touched many lives. Their area of expertise is almost everything. Plus, their parent and children’s websites are all run by Drupal.

14. Pfizer Inc.

Pfizer Inc. has become quite famous after its COVID vaccine hit the market with a considerable success rate. It is a US pharmaceutical corporation whose website is also powered by Drupal.

15. Tesla Motors

Tesla is another famous company, always on the news with something new. It means they must push vast amounts of content now and then. Elon Musk must love Drupal, which is why even Tesla is on the list. And Tesla’s website handles the enormous quantity of data by using Drupal.

16. UN - United Nations

The list also includes the United Nations. The UN is in charge of keeping the peace in the world. In short, it is an intergovernmental organization that helps maintain order internationally. Drupal also powers its official website.


This list doesn’t stop here. These are just some that come under this list. With Drupal’s success and advanced results, many companies are switching to this platform. And this list will keep growing. Our team specializes in Drupal development and Consulting Services can help you make the most of this powerful content management system. We have recently published a list of Fortune 500 companies that use Drupal. Please let us know if you are interested in learning more about Drupal and check whether Drupal will fit for your requirements.