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Traffic acquisition report

Traffic Acquisition

Analyze the sources, countries, devices, and other factors driving traffic and engagement to different landing pages and content clusters.

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Conversion Funnel Report

Tracks and analyzes the journey of prospects, revealing insights to optimize conversion rates at each stage.

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Content Performance

Analyzing user engagement based on author, content age, content types—blogs, case studies, videos, and whitepapers

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Google Analytics Alternative

Matomo, a free web analytics tool, shares a familiar UI with Google Analytics. We’ve prepared a demo to visualize how web data would appear on the Matomo dashboard.

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UA data backup

Universal Analytics Data Backup

The Universal Analytics user interface and API will cease functioning after July 1, 2024 and all your data stored in UA will go away.

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On-site Ads, CTAs Performance

This report helps you understand the performance of on-site ads and CTAs. Utilize this data to optimize off-site paid campaigns effectively.

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Data-Driven Decision-Making using Website Analytics

Every organization has a website that aligns with its business objectives, and everyone has some web analytics setup built into it. However, merely having a website or collecting basic data isn't enough. To achieve success, it's crucial to define your goals, set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and continuously monitor progress.

 It’s important to start using website analytics to make data-driven decisions. This will help you learn how to establish the foundations of a data-driven organization

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10 Essential Reports to Back Up from Universal Analytics

Universal Analytics will soon be phased out completely. What happens to years of data about your web properties? All will disappear with UA on July 1st, 2024. But wait... there are options available for downloading data from Google Universal Analytics. The easiest method is to use Matomo to import data from your Google Universal Analytics property


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5 Privacy-Centric Web Analytics Platforms to Replace GA4

Web analytics serves as a powerful business tool, enabling companies to understand how their web properties are used and to comprehend user behavior on their web platforms. This approach streamlines marketing efforts and enhances the crucial revenue-to-marketing-cost ratio. 

While Google Analytics 4 is a popular choice, there are plenty of privacy-focused alternatives that offer powerful insights without compromising user data.

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Success Story

Enhancing Content Accessibility for 3ie Evidence Gap Maps

The 3ie is at the forefront of transforming lives in low- and middle-income countries. One of their groundbreaking tools is the Evidence Gap Maps (EGMs). EGMs offer user-friendly summaries and full-text articles. Making EGM accessible to differently-abled users, posed a unique challenge. Our project aimed to assess and enhance the EGM platform's accessibility

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Iteris Inc

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Universal Analytics Data: Should You Backup or Let Go?

In an era where utilizing data wisely is crucial, this significant decision can impact your online business.

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Maximizing GA4 Strategies: Overcoming Limitations

Understanding these limitations is vital for successful GA4 deployment and reliable insights.

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Track HubSpot Form Conversion on GA4 using GTM

To generate the report on Looker Studio, we need to capture the required data in GA4.

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GA4 migration guide: Best practices for a smooth transition

Based on our experience migrating multiple UA properties to GA4, we've developed a migration playbook

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Understanding cardinality and custom dimensions in GA4

High unique values in a custom dimension can harm reports. Follow best practices when creating it.

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5 GA4 features every marketer should utilize

Examine GA4's main features and how they can help businesses improve their digital strategies

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