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Drupal is an open-source CMS platform that small-to-large organizations can use freely without fear of vendor lock-in. Due to enormous amounts of freely-available community code, implementation cost is considerably low. Drupal also possesses a robust and flexible architecture ready for the enterprise.
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Digital technologies are reshaping industries and organizations are responding to it by going through their own Digital Transformation journeys. In a general context, Digital Transformation can be defined as the integration of digital technology into the overall business process of an organization to create a radical change in the fundamental business model and the way in which it delivers value to its customers.Some of the key technology enablers for digital transformation are Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing, SaaS Platforms, Web Service Integration, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Big Data & Predictive Analytics, and Business Process Automation.
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Drupal webforms are used to create custom forms in site, mainly for the surveys functionality. We can take the submissions results and analyse the averages of the submissions. Here we got a client requirement that he had to give a set of questions to the users to his users and he wants graphical representation of the submission results.
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To ensure the security of confidential data in your Drupal site, testing has to be done to determine whether it protects its data and at the same time maintains its functionality. Web applications are always prone to unauthorized access to or modification of sensitive information. The testing done on the applications to remove such anomalies is called security testing. The following are some of the test cases for assuring the security of a Drupal website Authentication