Increase Media Portal Traffic
| 10 min read
In the age of digital media, content creation and distribution have become essential tools for businesses and individuals looking to build their online presence. However, with the vast amount of content available on the internet, it can be challenging to create content that stands out and reaches its intended audience. This is where content discoverability, social media strategy, and newsletters come into play. This article will explore how media businesses can leverage these three tools to create and distribute engaging and discoverable content to their target audience. We will provide practical tips and examples that can help you improve your content strategy and increase your online reach.
Back-To-Work program for women
| 13 min read
ICFOSS and Zyxware Technologies organized the 5th season of the "Back-To-Work" program for women, with the topic being "Building digital experiences with Drupal". As part of the event, The Director of Programs at the Drupal Association, Von R. Eaton, gave a presentation covering various aspects of Drupal,, and the Drupal Association, followed by a question and answer session with participants. The questions addressed topics such as the cost of Drupal, the necessary skills to work in the Drupal Association, mentoring opportunities, and payment for freelancers contributing to Drupal.
Open source password manager for collabaration
| 11 min read
Passwords are a critical aspect of cybersecurity and play a significant role in protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access. However, managing passwords is a significant challenge for many organizations. Passwords are often shared among multiple users and frequently forgotten or lost. This article will discuss some potential issues organizations face when managing passwords and how Passbolt, a free and open-source password manager, can help address these challenges.
Team Zyxware
| 5 min read
Sangam 2023 was a two-day offsite event that brought employees together, fostered collaboration, and creativity while providing valuable learning and networking opportunities. Hosted at the Poovar Island Resort, the event was a great success and left a lasting impression on attendees.
| 5 min read
Drupal Earns Digital Public Good Status: Recognized by the UN for Helping Achieve Sustainable Development Goals. Drupal's recognition as a Digital Public Good by the DPGA is a significant achievement that invites more governments and non-profit organisations to explore the benefits of using Drupal.
Back To Work For Women
| 6 min read
The "Back to Work for Women" program is a residential training program organised by ICFOSS (International Centre for Free and Open Source Software) designed to help women who took a career break due to personal commitments to re-enter the workforce by acquiring new skills in the free software domain—the 5th edition of the program which was centred around using Drupal to develop digital experience platforms. The program was organised by ICFOSS, with support from various organisations such as Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission (KKEM), Kerala Development and Innovation Strategy Council (K-DISC), and as part of the Gender & Technology initiative by the government of Kerala. Zyxware Technologies, a leading digital transformation firm, participated in the program by providing training on Drupal technology to expand the talent pool of Drupal developers and the Drupal community in general.
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