Composable Digital Business Platform
| 8 min read
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming industries, offering a wealth of opportunities to enhance operations, customer experiences, and innovation. However, fully leveraging AI's potential poses challenges, particularly for businesses entangled in a web of independent SaaS and digital systems. These specialized tools, while valuable in their own right, often create data silos and hinder seamless integration. This fragmented landscape poses significant hurdles for businesses seeking to leverage data and AI effectively. Budgetary constraints, limited resources, and the complexity of integrating disparate tools can leave even the most forward-thinking CTOs facing a daunting climb. This article explores the challenges of data silos and offers strategies to overcome them, allowing businesses to optimize their AI capabilities and drive innovation.
Software Bug Illustration
| 4 min read
Accurately classifying the bug report ticket is important to manage a software support project. It guides resource allocation, prioritization, and ultimately, project success. Misclassification of bug severity, especially overestimating it, can lead to resource misallocation, where minor issues consume attention that should be directed towards more critical problems. It creates a 'cry wolf' scenario, where every issue is seen as critical, making it difficult to identify truly urgent problems.
Drupal Migration Services Made Easy with Zyxware
| 8 min read
A public research university in Melbourne, Australia, renowned for its TAFE and higher education courses, has been consistently ranked high globally, including in the Times Higher Education rankings. The university faced a major challenge in migrating its extensive, complex Drupal website to the latest version. This case study outlines how our team assisted the university in successfully migrating about 2000 pages of unstructured content to a new structured website format.
Universal Analytics End of Life
| 5 min read
Universal Analytics (UA) ceased processing data on July 1st, 2023. Google has announced a complete shutdown of the UA interface and APIs slated for July 1st, 2024. In response, we have released a free Python script to demonstrate how to download UA data programmatically.
Manappuram Finance -  UX case study
| 6 min read
In a digital age where user experience is king, our project set out to transform Manappuram Finance Ltd.'s digital platform with a dual focus: enhancing lead generation and redefining customer experience. This case study delves into the UX aspects of the project, detailing the journey of this transformation and illustrating how a nuanced approach to digital engagement can drive business growth and enhance customer satisfaction.
Manappuram Home
| 9 min read
Manappuram Finance Ltd revamped its website as a digital experience platform with the help of Zyxware, highlighting convenience as the key selling point to differentiate from competitors. The new platform provides improved discoverability, a better customer experience, and enhanced security. Customers can now apply for loans and manage their accounts online, while the platform is optimized for different devices, mobile-friendly, and SEO-friendly. Overall, the revamped platform provides a seamless experience to customers, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Sample Schedule
| 8 min read
The digital landscape demands agility and foresight. With Drupal's revised release and support plan, users now have a reliable framework to stay ahead of the curve. Unpredictable release schedules often created uncertainty and complexity in maintaining Drupal-powered websites. However, those days are now behind us. Drupal has introduced a significant shift in its release and support strategy, empowering its users to confidently plan for the future and address challenges with newfound clarity. Let's explore what this means for the Drupal community
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