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Website Personalization Strategies that Work

Email Campaign Demo

Email Campaign

Turn email clicks into conversions on the website with a seamless, personalized journey through content, ads, CTAs, and visuals.

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Geo location demo icon

Geo Location

Customize user experience by leveraging geolocation. Show content according to the visitor’s country, city, state, or continent.

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Number of visits

Number of Visits

Display distinct ads, CTAs, and messages for first-time visitors, returning visitors, and existing customers.

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Customer persona

Visitor/Customer Persona

Craft personalized content and targeted ads tailored to visitors' unique personas.

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Automation Channel icon

Acquisition Channel

Guide visitors on their unique journeys by personalizing content and ads based on their traffic source.

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A/B Testing icon

A/B Testing

A/B test content and CTA variations to discover what drives visitor action and keeps them coming back.

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6 Practical Personalization Examples SMEs Can Leverage

While many assume website personalization to be a luxury tailored only for major corporations, it's a potent tool that SMEs can harness to capitalize on micro-moments. By considering it not as an overwhelming venture but rather as a journey that can be started with simple steps. Here are six manageable strategies with examples to begin the personalization journey.

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Our Attempt to Design a Personalized Digital Experience Engine

For the past few months, we have been building an endto-end website personalization machine with all these capabilities. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we make this on top of Drupal (it is also easily portable to WordPress) and integrated with multiple systems, including Hubspot, Optinmonster, Google Analytics, Looker Studio, Mautic and Apache Unomi. The initial alpha is deployed to our website.

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Leverage Content Groups for Personalized Digital Experience

Website personalization has become an essential aspect of online marketing in recent years. One of the critical components of website personalization is determining the user's interests. If we know what the user is more interested in, we can use that information to show messages relevant to the user and get a better chance of conversion on the website.

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Success Story

Bringing Government Closer to Citizens: Revamping Arizona’s Digital Experience

This project intends to highlight the outcomes accomplished by the Arizona Government Transformation Office (GTO). Collaborating closely with the GTO team, we have executed a visually appealing, contemporary design for the website portal. This redesign aims to enhance the overall user experience and accessibility of the website.

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State of Arizona
State of Arizona
Arizona Government Transformation Office

Learn More About Website Personalization

Create a Unique Experience for Every User

Create a unique experience for every user

Tailor the pages to each visitor's specific interests and needs, leading to a better user experience

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Demo on How to Use Geo Specific Personalization

Demo on how to use geo-specific website personalization

If we know the visitor's location, the user journey offered to them can be personalized based on the location.

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Digital Marketing Experiments for Conversion Optimization

Digital marketing experiments for conversion optimization

Discover our process of initiating an agile digital marketing experiment to enhance our conversion rate

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Data-Driven Personalization in E-commerce

Data-driven personalization in E-commerce

Explore significant changes that data-driven personalization can bring to the e-commerce industry.

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Demo on Aligning Web Content with Email Prompts

Demo on aligning web content with email prompts

Ensure every touchpoint counts! This aligned experience further deepens visitor connection with your brand.

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FAQ on Website Personalization

FAQ on website personalization

Gain insights into key FAQs addressing Website Personalization, providing valuable information for better understanding.

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