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Knowledge Management Hub To Help Fast-Track The 2030 Agenda Implementation For An Intergovernmental UN Regional Commission Home Page Screenshot   Serving as the UN's regional hub, the Social Commission looks after the economic and social development activities in the region. It aims to strengthen the collaboration among countries to achieve holistic and sustainable development. To fast-track the 2030 Agenda implementation for achieving SDGs (sustainable development goals) like eradicating poverty, combating climate change, and reducing inequality, the commission envisioned a Knowledge Hub.  This digital hub would serve as an all-inclusive platform for stakeholders and UN country teams (UNCT) to find regional resources and strengthen their work.  Besides, the platform would pool regional data, entail knowledge resources, and offer access to expertise.  Challenges Faster implementation of the goals lies at the heart of this project; to achieve that, the information should be easily accessible by the SDG promoters (like the contributing government departments). Another core aspect of this project was finding the appropriate information to supplement the researcher's work and encourage knowledge sharing. That's possible when findability and content architecture are well-implemented. Plus, to find information, it's integral to organize it first. As the first law of e-commerce design states, "if the user can't find the product, the user can't buy the product." In this case, if decision-makers cannot find the right knowledge article, how can they realize the goals on time? Our approach Starting with the platform development, Drupal 9 was chosen as the CMS, given the robust characteristics that make it a top choice for organizations. Furthermore, we suggested a faceted search as this is the ultimate way to find information on websites.  Faceted search offers precise search results without letting the users meet the dead-end like a null-result. Here are a few more advantages of faceted search that led us to believe this is the right solution for this project: It makes finding any content a breeze. Optimizes search by showing results from pre-defined "facets." Reduces time for multiple searches trying to find something particular. Filters results as per the various attributes to help readers narrow down their search.  Finally, systemizing data using a taxonomy-based organization was considered for storing and displaying content. Implementation Drupal 9 is our preferred choice of CMS, especially for the Knowledge Hub, because of its capabilities of managing large-content bases. Besides being an open-source platform, it's highly flexible and easy to manage. Then, Apache Solr, an open-source search engine, was employed to facilitate easy access to knowledge. Solr has advanced search capabilities, is flexible and scalable. As mentioned above, enabling faceted search allowed us to apply filters to the search inquiries, aiding in implementing findability. This feature would allow users to narrow down their searches using filters like: Type of content Theme Organization SDG Region Finally, the content was stored in JSON format and in a taxonomy-based organization to classify it based on various attributes. Remember when we said to find information, it's integral first to organize it? This is what we meant. This way, the latest UN knowledge resources, data, and policy expertise was made available in a user-friendly manner. Results What is produced out of the above application is a digital platform that enables easy access to the regional knowledge to the stakeholders and UNCT. This knowledge, in turn, would allow faster implementation of the Agenda 2030. Finally, the client can upload, manage, and store data in an organized manner and make changes without any technical interference. For your organization's digital transformation, contact Zyxware Technologies! Public Services Drupal 9 Case Study Apache Solr Taxonomy Manager
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The News Minute is a digital news platform that reports and writes on Indian issues with an exclusive focus on the 5 Southern states. Covering the truth and stories of society, TNM aims to cover trustworthy news without confining journalism behind a paywall. Then, how is it possible to cut noise in the digital landscape, where countless sources battle for the audience's attention, yet, create a sustainable revenue model for their independent media business?  That's when the concept of TNM Connect was born - to keep news free of cost while creating a membership fee based community of readers around the news. The members can interact with the editors and reporters at TNM around specific news stories published on the website. This engagement around the news helps NRIs, a major audience of TNM, connect in a deeper manner with their cultural roots and discuss matters that interest them, be it political, social, celebratory, or tragic, in an informed manner.  “We’re very excited that GNI has selected TNM Connect for funding. At TNM, we believe that our journalism should be for public good, and we are going into this project with this motto in our DNA,” Vignesh Vellore, CEO of The News Minute, says. TNM Connect is a project funded by Google Innovation Challenge, run by the Google News Initiative. Challenges Some of the biggest challenges of building a membership site with a globally spread out audience are: accepting overseas payments, accommodating large traffic, and creating a thriving and engaging community.  Moreover, it was integral to build a platform that would fulfill TNM's requirements, which are as follows: Simplify onboarding, payment, and management of the membership. Enable members to pay using various options, maintain, and renew their membership. Facilitate single sign-on using TNM ID to access the mobile app, website, and discussion forum. Offer exclusive content to the members like: Advertisement free access to the TNM portal and mobile application. Access to a membership directory and personal profile. Automatically subscribe to a member-only newsletter. Creating a contact database to ensure TNM can have communication with their members selectively. Overcoming the above challenges would enable TNM to offer a seamless experience to their NRI audiences residing in the US, UK, and UAE.  Finally, it would help the audience stay connected to their cultural roots by discussing issues in their home town and get access to a member-only experience like an ad-free platform, the weekly newsletter, digital community, events, and more. Our approach Each membership site is unique and caters to separate audiences.  Thus, to create a platform that helps TNM achieve its goals, we analyzed several CRMs and discussed the same with the client, to reach a mutual ground. Our idea of an ideal platform was the one that supports login system on mobile and web, restricts ads, and supports payment gateway to facilitate online payments. Finally, the platform should activate a discussion forum that grants members access to a bustling community. Solution We implemented CiviCRM on Drupal 8, and our recommendation was based on enabling: Member sign-up Member profile Membership renewal reminders Contact database for the administrator Easy communication with the members Ad-free experience for members Flexibility in payment gateway Furthermore, Drupal 8 would ensure single sign-on, so that members can seamlessly sign in to various devices, locations, and times. Finally, Discourse, an open-source platform, was chosen as the discussion forum since it offers a clutter-free community experience. Discourse works well with small as well as large groups, which is perfect for scaling a community. Results Creating a membership site to turn your visitors into brand ambassadors and gain your potential customers' trust is a winning strategy.  TNM Connect leveraged its community's power, launched its membership site, and received praise for the same. We will update this case study as we have more statistics and sign-ups.  Reach out to our experts to transform your business digitally and stand out from the noise. Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *

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Consumer Packaged Goods companies traditionally reach their customers via a chain of retailers and distributors. However, in this approach, the companies have no direct contact with the customers, and consequently, no accurate customer data. Additionally, companies lack the chance to strengthen their customer relationship and build consumer insights or bring innovations in products based on those. As a result, more and more CPG companies are embracing the future of retail--D2C-- and transforming digitally. A key finding from Brandshop's Digital Consumer Preference Survey, 2018, where over 1,000 U.S. citizens participated, highlights that: 87% of the participants would prefer purchasing from a brand online if they could. D2C sales strategy empowers CPG companies to create a unique buying experience from start to end, strengthen customer relationships, and collect detailed, accurate customer data. For one of our clients, an F&B giant, we had established a direct-to-consumer platform that aimed to integrate with various touchpoints, offer a personalized service to consumers and equip the company with tools to collect and analyse data. Read the full case study here. In this article, we will shed light on the following benefits of D2C for CPG brands: Controlling each element of the buyer's journey Foster customer relation Gain deep customer insights Personalize offerings Making omnichannel commerce a reality Importance of D2C Strategy for CPG companies Controlling each element of the buyer's journey In the traditional method, brands have control over the packaging and advertising of their products. But, what about the customers' buying experience once the products hit the shelves? Companies in no way can personalize the entire buying experience with this strategy. However, by establishing direct customer touchpoints, CPG brands can offer their customers unique experiences and influence their shopping journey.  Personalizing the customer journey leads to higher engagement, better communication, and a more substantial influence on sales. Foster customer relation The ability to control the entire experience ensure you offer a sound buying experience, resulting in better customer relationships. Furthermore, selling directly to the customers empowers the brands to own the customer relationship and talk to them without any third-party involvement.  Brands have tools that help them understand their customers better and make a data-driven decision that further strengths the customer relationship. Gain deep customer insights Being in direct contact with the customers, undeniably allows brands to collect profound, accurate results unparalleled to other market research methods.  The company can look into the demographics, lifestyle, buying behavior, preferences, and other data. This data enables the business to make accurate marketing decisions and create a better product roadmap. Personalize offerings One of the most significant advantages of going D2C is the flexibility to offer a personalized service to your customers.  By selling directly to the customers, companies can offer a totally different service.  Example: customers can select their preferences--from packaging to mixing various assortments--customers can create their own products. Making omnichannel commerce a reality  Besides creating a unique experience, companies can create an omnichannel strategy where customers can shop from various points and have a seamless experience.  The freedom to buy from multiple channels lets the customer shop at their convenience and get the product either from the store or home-delivered. With headless commerce, it's possible to create D2C commerce where customers can have a seamless experience across various channels. For one of our clients, one of the world's largest F&B company, we deployed the Headless Magento B2C e-commerce platform that would enable the company to: Create a personalized buying experience Collect rich customer insights  Make data-driven decisions Enhance customer relationship Step into d2c landscape for the first time Should CPG brands go D2C: the bottom line The undeniable benefits of the D2C platform reflect the importance of accelerating the path of digital transformation to capture users' attention, engage them online, and create a lasting experience. To know how Zyxware Technologies can help you transform your digital presence, and establish a direct-to-consumer platform, contact our experts today. Contact our experts We deployed a Direct To COnsumer Headless Magento B2C e-commerce platform for a Multi-Billion Dollar Consumer Packaged Goods company. References: Brandshop's Digital Consumer Preference Survey:  (PDF) Accessed January 2021. Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *
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Zyxware Technologies is a 14-year-old digital solutions provider operating as a partner to clients from North America, Europe, Australia, India, and GCC countries drawn from verticals like retail, media, education, public sector, finance and healthcare. We are currently strengthening our Digital consulting team with new capabilities that are a healthy mix of vertical expertise and state of the art of technology competency. The present opportunity is for a Consultant looking to make a mark in the area of digital transformation.  APPLY ONLINE  As a Consultant digital marketing in the Digital consulting team, the person will be leading digital transformation engagements with clients during the sales cycle and the execution phase. The Consultant is expected to develop value propositions for clients individually or as part of a team. The Consultant is also expected to contribute to building client-side alignment around the value propositions, project management and oversight over project management, client acquisition, vendor management, demand identification and projects sourcing from clients, organizing service delivery, partner identification, publishing point of views, publishing, and presenting and promoting ideas.   Digital engagements usually involve Digital marketing strategy and operations UX audit, strategy design and implementation Data Analytics Marketing automation and lead generation Content marketing and organic growth - SEO, Domain authority Community building and engagement  Advertisement strategies Monetization strategies Product optimization and enhancement   A thorough understanding of digital transformation and revenue generation opportunities through digital channels is essential for this position. A strong appreciation of using cutting edge technologies like AI, Analytics, and Martech tools is necessary. The Consultant is also expected to support the branding and capability development initiatives of Zyxware Technologies.  Responsibilities Advice clients on growth initiatives and cost savings opportunities through investment in digital Advice and lead digital initiatives of customers against a digital transformation architecture for marketing and sales function Interact with technical teams (internal and external vendors), partners, and business leads to devise a strategy for operation and execute it. Device strategies that help clients grow their business through digital channels organically in a lean startup model for building a sustainable system for the long term, using appropriate learnings from marketing and psychology, data and experimentation, and effectively utilizing tech tools and automation Work closely with Sales, Marketing, Platform engineering, and QA teams to close sales qualified leads on digital engagements. Identify, evaluate, and onboard vendors and partners who can support the digital consulting unit to execute the digital engagement projects successfully. Consultants work individually or as part of the team to drive the digital engagements with the client. Define and fine-tune the digital offerings based on the client's inputs and contribute to the asset-building activities within the digital consulting unit. Identification of additional opportunities within the customer base and achieve the revenue targets set by the management. Oversee engineering projects as per the requirements emerging from the consulting engagement with the client. Design and delivery of customer presentations. Maintain and continuously develop domain and technical knowledge. Share knowledge across the team and continuously develop and enhance personal and team capabilities. Contribute to marketing collateral development. Skills Required General Management graduate with a good understanding of Marketing 2+ years of experience post the management studies 2+ years of experience in the IT field before joining the management school Working experience in web-related IT projects, especially in improving the revenue generation opportunities for the organization through digital channels Experience in working on a digital marketing project that uses Martech tools is desirable. Good analytical skills Good communication and presentation skills Required knowledge in marketing, including Research for marketing decisions, Brand management, Product management, Advertising management, Consumer behavior, Rural management, Retailing Management, Competitive marketing strategy, Sales and distribution management, business to business marketing management, International marketing, pricing strategy, marketing management in the world of high tech and innovation, digital marketing channels and matrices, Search engine and Social media marketing, organic growth through content and inbound marketing Ability to prepare digital strategies and investment roadmap for clients with an understanding of principles of competitive intelligence, technology competition, and business, managing new ventures, new product development, business planning, strategic leadership, strategic thinking and decision making, managing alliances, strategic management of technology and innovation Drive operations for clients collaborating with Zyxware Platform Engineering team, external vendors, partners, and business leaders from the client-side using the skills in project management, technology, and operations strategy, services management, project programs, and portfolio management Architect data capturing mechanisms, analyze data captured or gathered and generate insights to optimize the digital strategy to grow the business. The required skills include business data mining and decision models, marketing analytics, management information systems and technology, business analytics, and intelligence.     If you meet the above requirements, please mail in your resume with the subject 'Application for the post of Consultant' to    Please note that while the management appreciates your interest and application for the job, it may not be possible to send a personalized response to all applicants. Shortlisted applicants will receive an e-mail or a telephonic communication within two weeks of your application.    Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *
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Bartel Taylor and Associates (BTA) is a legal services company with over 25 years of experience managing Infringement notices for councils, hospitals, and universities throughout Victoria. BTA offers its range of services statewide.  BTA approached Zyxware Technologies for website redesign and to build an automated workflow to reduce some of the significant manual interventions in order to improve efficiency and accuracy. The solution would help BTA Make the content updation on the website easier Get the webform submissions by offenders in a format that BTA can process easily Implement a web application to automate the workflow of infringements processing Visit → Why Drupal was chosen:  From the discovery conversations, it became clear that BTA wanted a safe and secure website with easy content publishing and updating interfaces. The site's core function would be to enable end users to file infringements and gain related information about the process.  Drupal's flexible content modeling allowed our teams to redefine and prioritize fields for content to make the publishing experience more efficient and seamless. Ready availability of webforms for collecting structured data in the prescribed format and ease of implementing workflows made the choice of Drupal obvious.   Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome):  Requirements As indicated above, BTA was accepting form submissions and needed a way to update content on their website, automate web form submissions, and get them in a specific format. They needed a flexible solution that enabled their users to log in to the platform and file a new infringement without any intervention from BTA. They also needed an efficient way for management staff to archive the appeals and email the Offenders' status easily.  Build a modern responsive web portal with CMS features to make the content updation easier Get the webform submissions by offenders in a format that can be processed easily Implement a web application to automate the workflow of submitting and processing infringements. Outcome Since the launch of their new website, BTA's bounce rate has significantly decreased, and their business continues to grow. As a result of the project's success, BTA is in the process of productizing the solution which will help them develop and grow in their industry.  Everyone was extraordinarily helpful and patient in the early days where I initially had absolutely no idea how this was going to work until eventually sourcing an API and building subroutines to work with the website.  Your professionalism, guidance, patience and kindness was very appreciated and I wish you all the very best on all projects going forward. Christopher D’Abaco, IT Manager, BTA   Public Services Business Solutions Drupal 8
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Content, commerce, and data are something that always gels together in the context of the web. One of the success factors behind the ticket selling platform I have architected a few years ago is a good example of effectively utilizing this combination.  The key idea was to implement a system that is capable of spawning any number of front end portals - through which users purchase entry passes for events and a single backend system which can be used for publishing events, manage prices, manage orders as well as allocate entry passes associated with the event. This first implementation of the platform primarily targets football fans to procure tickets to various club matches across the United Kingdom and Europe. The advanced search and navigation system enables the customers to find and book the tickets for the match easily. For the platform owner, the system manages customers, suppliers, orders, logistics, and accounting. The intelligent display system that prevents copying of prices by web scrapers is something that helped the platform stay in the market with the tough competition in this field. The structured approach to add content in the platform enables the content authors to create different types of pages like artists, team members, venues, stadiums, cities and countries without worrying about how it will be displayed or organized. The management of tickets, seat arrangements and pricing are completely decoupled with the content but from a front end point of view, it is tightly integrated with the content - This makes it a system optimized for the administrators, content authors, customers and search engines. The decoupling of content and pricing along with the comprehensive tracking of relevant data points enabled us conducting experiments like creating and promoting different types of landing pages, introducing dynamic pricing and implementing systems to prevent price scraping and with these we collect more data and evidence that support or reject our hypotheses and then use that insights to optimize the content or commerce aspects of the platform.  The platform we created on top of Drupal in late 2013 and is still used by websites that sell tickets for events. There is no easy way to build a system that is scalable and future ready. The selection of software and architecture for this platform was the outcome of the digital consultation workshop we conducted with the client. I believe that it is the long discovery process and the framework we used that helped us engineer the platform that is scalable, extendable and can be maintained over a long period. Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *
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Fail2ban is an intrusion detection system that scans the log files to find malicious attacks on your servers. Fail2ban updates firewall rules on its own to block the IP addresses which are trying to exploit the server. Below are the steps to install and configure fail2ban on Ubuntu 18.04 server. Get the newest versions of the packages and their dependencies, run the command below: sudo apt-get update Now install Fail2ban using the below command sudo apt-get install fail2ban To configure fail2ban use your custom configuration file 'jail.local' from 'jail.conf' sudo cp /etc/fail2ban/jail.conf /etc/fail2ban/jail.local Now edit the custom configuration file as below vi /etc/fail2ban/jail.local You can edit the default section as below in which the settings will be applied for every service that does not have the entries overridden in the service's own section. [DEFAULT] ... bantime = 10m findtime = 10m maxretry = 5 ... The 'bantime’ represents the time that an IP address is banned before it can be allowed to access the service again. The 'findtime' is the maximum amount of time fail2ban should wait before banning an IP address if it has generated the maximum retries allowed for a particular service. The 'maxretry' indicates the number of failures that an IP should generate before it is banned. To filter based on the sshd service, you could edit the '/etc/fail2ban/jail.local' file and add the options as below. [sshd] enabled = true port = 22 filter = sshd logpath = /var/log/auth.log bantime = 10m findtime = 10m maxretry = 5 You could tweak the above values based on your requirement and also the port the service is running.Once configured you could check whether fail2ban is blocking the IP address using the below command. fail2ban-client status sshd If the configuration is correct, Then the output should be as below. Status for the jail: sshd |- Filter | |- Currently failed: 11 | |- Total failed: 93 | `- File list: /var/log/auth.log `- Actions |- Currently banned: 11 |- Total banned: 22 `- Banned IP list: *.*.*.* You will get the list of IP addresses banned in the 'Banned IP list'. Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *

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The following is the list of holidays at Zyxware for the year 2021. 8 holidays falling on a weekday 5 can be opted from a list of 11 Optional Holidays 6 holidays falling on a weekend Occasion Day, Date Type of Holiday New Year Day Fri, 1 Jan, 2021 Holiday Makar Sankranti/Pongal Thurs, 14 Jan, 2021 Optional Republic Day Tue, 26 Jan, 2021 Holiday Maha Shivratri Thurs, 11 Mar, 2021 Holiday Holi Mon, 29 Mar, 2021 Optional Good Friday Fri, 2 Apr, 2021 Holiday Ugadi Tue, 13 Apr, 2021 Optional Vishu/Baisakhi Wed, 14 Apr, 2021 Optional Rama Navami Wed, 21 Apr, 2021 Optional May Day Sat, 1 May, 2021 Falling on a Weekend Eid al-Fitr (Ramzan) Wed 12 May, 2021 Holiday Eid al-Adha (Bakrid) Wed, 21 Jul, 2021 Optional Hariyali Teej Wed, 11 Aug, 2021 Optional Independence Day Sun, 15 Aug, 2021 Falling on a Weekend Parsi New Year Tue, 17 Aug, 2021 Optional First Onam Fri, 20 Aug, 2021 Holiday Thiruvonam Sat, 21 Aug, 2021 Falling on a Weekend Raksha Bandhan Sun, 22 Aug, 2021 Falling on a Weekend Krishna Janmashtami Mon, 30 Aug, 2021 Optional Ganesh Chaturti Fri, 10 Sep, 2021 Optional Gandhi Jayanti Sat, 2 Oct, 2021 Falling on a Weekend Vijayadashmi/Dussehra Fri, 15 Oct, 2021 Holiday Prophet's Birthday Mon, 18 Oct, 2021 Optional Diwali Thu, 4 Nov, 2021 Holiday Christmas Day Sat, 25 Dec, 2021 Falling on a Weekend Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *
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From Facebook’s Lookalike Audience to Google’s RankBrain, artificial intelligence (AI) is a huge part of our lives already. When AI was being introduced, like all new technologies, there was a lot of skepticism and distrust surrounding it. Today, it has seeped into our everyday life so much, we just don’t realize it. From showing you relevant ads to personalizing your shopping experience, everything is AI. The movies that Netflix recommends to you based on your viewing patterns - AI again. Google Maps? AI. Product recommendations on Amazon? AI. The spam filters that protects you from the generosity of a Nigerian prince who wants to send you $500 million? AI.  Type AI and any industry’s name on Google, you will find hundreds of use cases for each of them. Marketing is one such area where artificial intelligence has created a significant impact. There is a lot of noise today as every other company is trying to grab a slice of its target market. They are doing everything in their power to create a phenomenal experience for their prospective customers. With advancements in AI, there is so much of it that you can use for your business.  Here is a small definition of AI, it is a subset of computer science and it creates software which is capable of learning and improving its performance with the passage of time. Before AI, computers used to gather tonnes of data, but its utility stopped there. The onus was on humans to figure out what to do with the data. With AI’s advanced algorithm, by just using data, it can predict customer behaviour, track their movement, offer hyper-personalized service, predict demographic compatibility, etc. How are companies benefiting from AI for their marketing With AI’s algorithms growing stronger by the day, businesses are aggressively expanding their role in their marketing. It goes through millions of data sets to unearth patterns and provide insights that can improve your marketing performance.  #1 Get deep understanding of customers: Understanding what your customers truly want is the holy grail for most businesses. Every business wants to know the exact needs so that they can offer them too. Finding buyer personas is the first step to identify who your prospective customers are and what makes them yearn for a product similar to yours.  Live Persona by Delve AI is an AI-based tool whose algorithm helps you extract personas automatically from your Google Analytics data. It enriches web analytics data with more than 20 sources/models to give you a deep context using which it offers customer insights. The Live Persona tool even segments the audience for your benefit. Another advantage is that it automatically updates the personas so that your targeting is always on point.  #2 Create conversational experiences: Chatbots are a standalone application that is used in lieu of a customer success agent for quick responses that doesn’t require a human on the other side. By populating many resources, users could easily gain access to resources which the chatbot provides, based on the conversation path the user creates. Add artificial intelligence on top of the chatbot and it can totally eliminate the requirement of a live agent.  The AI will learn from previous interactions and the resources already available to predict the answers accurately. It saves a lot of time for the customer too as they are looking for a quick resolution of their queries. One such use case is Domino’s Pizza which uses Facebook Messenger and chatbot AI technology to allow its customers to order pizza from it. It even sends them timely updates about the whereabouts of the product and delivery time.  #3 Personalization: Did you know that Netflix’s recommendation engine saves the company $1 billion every year? The company believes that a typical Netflix user will lose interest after 60 to 90 seconds of scanning. Unless the user finds something interesting, the risk of the user leaving the service increases.  The key to personalization is understanding the preferences of your customers. AI wades through your history, viewing patterns, time spent on different programs to come up with highly personalized suggestions. Spotify’s personalized playlist, Amazon’s ‘item-based collaborative filtering’ algorithm are all examples of AI-powered personalization that provides delightful experiences for customers. Nike launched a “create your own sneakers in-store” in 2017 where customers could put on blank Nike Presto X sneakers and add colors and graphics. With the help of augmented reality and projection systems, the design is displayed on the blank shoes. The design is printed and made available to the customer in less than 90 seconds.  In 2019, Amazon launched Personalize- it brings the same machine learning technology used by to everyone. This means that developers can build applications for real-time personalized recommendations for a wide range of use-cases, even without machine learning expertise.  #4 Content Generation: Content is the bedrock of marketing. Without the written word, marketers do not have anything to distribute. Content generation is a tedious process that requires a specialist writer and finding someone with domain-expertise is a big task. What if an AI system could come up with copy for your website and other types of content to persuade customers? A tool called Persado does that exactly.  As of now, Persado helps businesses with email subject line creation. Persado’s AI machine “applies its understanding of language to a marketing brief from your team, creating the best message to speak to your customers in your brand’s voice across all channels.” Another brand that helps with AI-powered copywriting is Phrasee. #5 Competitor Insights: Understanding your competitors’ users and their marketing strategies is as important as learning about your customers. By learning about your competitors, you will be able to discover trends, spot gaps in the market, refine your ideal customer profile, and create content better suited for your target market.  Delve AI’s Competitor Persona helps you create personas automatically for any competitor website domain. You can get unique business building ideas based on what your competitors are doing. Comparing your marketing strategies against theirs will give you a benchmark. Competitor Persona uses competitor intelligence data to find content, advertising and partnership opportunities that will work specifically for your business.  Without a tool like this, you might have had to spend countless hours manually poring through every page of your competitor’s websites and will miss out on behavioral insights. #6 Insights from social media: Every mention about your product by a customer on social media is a goldmine that many businesses find difficult to monitor. AI makes it possible to process real-time data collated from social media users. It helps detect meaningful patterns in conversations about your brand- like seeing if there is a shift in consumer attitude, changing customer perception based on a recent incident, customer opinion about a price increase, or even a public relation crisis.  Consumer goods giant Unilever developed a range of cereal-flavored ice creams for its Ben & Jerry’s brand based on social media insights. It sourced data from a range of channels including social media, CRM, and traditional marketing research. Using this, Unilever discovered the link between ice cream and breakfast. It realized that there were at least 50 songs with lyrics that talk about having ice cream for breakfast.  Tools like Synthesio, Genylabs, Lately, etc., help businesses with social listening. The traditional method to understand what customers think about your business would have been to conduct focus groups, interviews, surveys, etc. But these AI tools can collate, structure and analyze millions of data sets from social media posts. Since the sample size is huge, there is no issue of statistical unreliability or bias.  Using AI for social listening will answer questions like the ones below: What is the opinion of people about my brand? Are customers happy paying the present rates for our services? What are my potential customers/customers talking about my competitor? What are they looking for from a product similar to ours? Answers to the questions will offer significant insights that can help you make business-critical decisions.  #7 Predictive Marketing: As irrational as we might be, we humans make choices based on a behavioral pattern and logic that is predictable. We have our own ways, right from the brands we use or the products we purchase. AI takes advantage of this to predict what, where, when, and how customers would be buying from.  By going beyond historical data, the AI will predict how businesses can leverage our predictability to make customers buy from your business. Predicting customer behaviour, lead scoring based on a set attributes, text analysis, sentimental analysis, etc., your understanding of what your prospective customer wants gets refined. Now it is possible for you to provide them the right product to the right prospect, that too at the right time and by using the right channel, that’s how powerful it is.  Conclusion: With the increasing use of AI in our lives, the expectation of customers from businesses has also risen dramatically. Businesses also should be geared towards doing everything in its power to leverage technology to provide an intuitive experience to its customers. Being an early adopter of technology can put you ahead of your business peers by miles. Do not wait for an industry-wide adoption before you dip your toes in AI.  Have you implemented AI as a part of your marketing efforts? If the answer is no, what’s stopping you from doing so?    This article was originally created by Delve AI, and has been reposted with permission from the author. Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *
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Zyxware Technologies is a leading digital solutions provider with a global footprint. We are in the business of building elegant digital platforms for medium to large enterprises through our presence in US, Australia and India. Zyxware’s prime USP is our engineering capability and an understanding of the possibilities of ‘Digital’. We offer Digital Consulting Services, Platform Engineering Services, and Digital Impact Services as part of our services portfolio to our clients. We are looking for talented and experienced solutions architects to build world-class technical solutions (in digital, ecommerce, web and mobile platforms) with  open source technologies and any of the emerging technologies. The work involves providing technical leadership, developing technical solutions and specifications from business requirements, guide technical solution teams to the design and development stage. The selected candidate has the flexibility to work remotely. APPLY ONLINE Roles and Responsibilities Partner with the digital marketing team and engineering teams to maintain a cohesive design and experience throughout our product, providing expertise and mentorship. Must be demonstrably proficient as a hands-on architect in open source platforms and in any of the emerging technologies. Hands-on with learning initiatives and with any one of the commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify or other ecommerce engines like Commerce Kickstart etc. Development Experience with PHP, Drupal, Python or Java or Laravel, Go, PostgreSQL or MySQL, GNU/Linux OS and tools etc. Strong understanding in HTML/ CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JQuery, Angular 6/7, Symfony, React JS, Node etc. Knowledge of Drush or Drupal Console, Druml, Coder, Masquerade, Hacked, CI/ CD Pipeline, Cloud architecture etc. Good understanding of clean coding best practices and coding patterns. Ability to articulate, participate in code reviews, pair program with peers, discuss/propose solution options and do spikes with newer tools and technologies if needed. Hands on with BDT/ TDD and in any of the Unit test platforms. Good knowledge of cloud technologies, Micro-services, Web services, RESTful API’s. Strong drive and ability to play and learn newer technology stacks and adopt/integrate as needed into existing platform. Attending technical sessions with client’s technical teams to capture the requirements, identify and sell the best solutions having the architecture robustness to extend them for future easy updates/ migration. Ensure the technical quality of the development by implementing coding best practices, automated developer unit testing, encouraging pair programming, BDT, TDD, performing code reviews on every project executed by the team. Ensure Technical objectives such as implementing reusable component development approach is implemented across organization with proper documentation and encouraging teams to update knowledge portal with the findings. Ability to provide technical consultation to presales, solutions team and help them build the solution, estimates, develop case studies from projects executed for helping sales. Technical guidance and mentoring/ coaching of developers in technical issues and implementing technical roadmaps, complex project requirements, processes (waterfall/agile/ hybrid) etc. Ability to define technical strategy for large project covering choice of framework to use and its version, selection of contributed modules and prepare technical architecture and design documents. Ability to audit and review projects and prepare improvement plans. Ability for security and performance review and suggest measures to improve. Technical Audit - Ensure the technical quality of the project by regularly reviewing code and audit the project proactively. Set Technical objectives to the projects - Identify reusable components in a project and take initiative to get that documented as well as used in other projects. Requirements, technical design and estimation. Ability to talk to a client and capture the requirements, prepare technical notes and estimation for that. Ability to provide consultation for the clients and help them build the solution. Technical Help and mentoring – Ability to help and mentor developers in technical issues. Reviews others' system design to ensure selection of appropriate technology, Efficient use of resources, and integration of multiple systems and technology. Establishes policy for selection of architecture components. Ensures that the system architecture balances functional, service quality and systems management requirements. Reviews others' system design to ensure selection of appropriate technology, Efficient use of resources, and integration of multiple systems and technology. Establishes policy for selection of architecture components. Ensures that the system architecture balances functional, service quality and systems management requirements. What makes you a good fit for this role? Thorough understanding of digital solutions, web application development concepts, processes and platforms. Thorough understanding of programming concepts and practices. 10+ years work experience in developing web development applications using open source softwares, 3+ years of experience as an architect. Expertise in PHP, Python, Laravel and in any of the emerging technologies. Good understanding of GNU/Linux OS and tools. Good knowledge in HTML, CSS and Javascript (Vue, Reactjs, Angular etc.). Familiarity with web application development frameworks like Spring, Symfony, Drupal, android and ios development. Experience with the implementation of Varnish, Solr, Elasticsearch, e Commerce etc. Good understanding of CI/CD Pipelines and tools like (jenkins, chef, Dockers, Vagrants, Junit, cucumber, GitLab, JIRA, static code analyzer tools, automated testing tools like selenium, appium etc, ELK stack etc). Good understanding of cloud environment : AWS, Azure,Google Cloud DigitalOcean etc. Good communication skills and strong problem solving skills. Ability to build and sustain good relationships with clients/project managers and colleagues. Ability to gather and assimilate information. Up to date knowledge of technical applications. Good knowledge of quality standards and best practice. Ability to adapt and prioritise. Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines. Ability to think ahead and anticipate problems, issues and solutions. Additional Competencies Critical thinking and problem solving Excellent decision-making and leadership capabilities Adaptability and able to tolerate stress Client management capabilities with leadership traits Experience in Agile methodologies, such as Scrum and in building Continuous Delivery, High Availability designs and technologies with DevOps Perks, Benefits & Culture You make your way in Zyxware. you should be a self-starter and be smart in solving your own challenges (and should help others in overcoming theirs) At all levels people come together and work towards achieving a goal Zyxware believes in providing growth opportunities to all its employees. Thereby developing the individuals throughout the period spent here In Zyxware, everyone gets an opportunity to work with the leaders and hence gets various opportunities to learn Zyxware sponsors all required trainings & certifications for upscaling individuals The work culture in Zyxware is Open. This means that you can be vocal about your ideas and opinions irrespective of the hierarchies Zyxware has flexible work timings Zyxware covers all employees under health Insurance benefit. If you meet the above requirements, please mail in your resume with the subject 'Application for the post of ‘Senior Manager, Technical Solutions' to Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *
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