How to Increase Customer Acquisition with Content Marketing

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Customer acquisition is what makes or breaks a business. It influences overall business growth and has a direct impact on revenue. Every business, big or small, is marketing different products and attempting to attract new customers, so increase customer acquisition has become more competitive than ever before.

Before the pandemic hit, customer acquisition costs steadily rose because of the competitive market and marketing expenses.

Customer acquisition costs experienced a 60% increase between 2014 and 2019.1

However, the pandemic saw businesses utilizing more cost-effective ways to increase customer acquisition. Companies like ClickUp have leveraged Facebook and Google ads to boost customer acquisition cost-effectively.

This article will discuss a few ways businesses can use to boost customer acquisition cost-effectively.2 Read on as we elaborate.

What Is Customer Acquisition?

Customer acquisition refers to obtaining new customers using different marketing strategies to convince them to buy products. It also involves turning existing prospects into customers. Customer acquisition focuses on the following:

  • Obtaining new customers without incurring too many costs.
  • Boosting customer numbers as much as possible.
  • Targeting a particular type of customer that is indigenous and business-oriented.
  • Acquiring the customers that have shifted to using the most up-to-date business channels.

When businesses attempt to make their products appeal to new customers, it is wise to consider factors such as age, region, gender, and more. How a potential customer feels will determine which product you will market to them and how to market it. Trending topics, social media, and the environment are all key factors that subtly influence consumers.

“Growth marketing and retention have moved beyond being buzzwords. Digital brands do not need to invest in rapidly scaling their user base. But helping customers fall in love with your product and building loyalty through non-intrusive and value-adding engagement is a whole different ball game.”

-Rahul Mirchandani (SVP of product and revenue at Dream11)

One of the best ways to increase customer acquisition is to take advantage of all these key factors. Businesses can use them as tools to draw attention to their products and, in turn, attract new customers.

Companies like Facebook3 and Google4 use customer behavior and data to conduct targeted advertising. They are paid to show consumers relevant ads that match their online behavior, bringing in new customers and boosting sales.



Importance Of Customer Acquisition

Content as a marketing tool has the effect of building brand trust in customers. Customers who trust your brand and consider it reliable are more likely to buy your products. 

High-quality content tailored to your customers’ needs will turn web visitors and casual viewers into paying customers. It will also help to nudge customers on the fence about a particular product in the right direction. An excellent content marketing strategy is essential. Every business uses some marketing strategy or the other, but is it good?

Nearly 80% of B2B marketers report having a content marketing strategy, but only 43% have documented their strategy.5

4 Ways to Increase Customer Acquisition Using Content

Today’s oversaturated market makes it challenging for new businesses to stand out. High-quality, user-focused, and unique content will make all the difference.

The writing should be flawless and SEO-optimized if a business uses a blog as a marketing tool. The content should resonate with the customer and be unique if it uses ads. 

Let’s discuss a few ways businesses can increase customer acquisition using content marketing.

1. Make Use Of High-Value Lead Magnets

Lead magnets, also known as gated content, are an attractive way to get customers.6

Perfectly executed lead magnets ensure that a customer keeps coming back for more. You can use lead magnets like e-books, webinars, and whitepapers to entice customers to share valuable data for something worthwhile.

Lead magnets usually offer unique perks or content that is not freely available. 

51% of customers are open to the idea of sharing some personal or company information for the chance to register for webinars.7



2. Create Videos

Videos can provide a visually appealing way to reach customers.

More than 86% of companies now use videos to acquire more customers.8

Making videos offers a cost-effective way of marketing. Fledgling businesses can use smartphones to record content and post it on social media platforms like YouTube. A perfect example is the following video from SLACK:

They can purchase professional cameras and video equipment if the budget allows it. Businesses can also include testimonials in videos to boost customer trust.

3. Make Sure Your Content Aligns with the Buyer’s Journey

When customers look up a product or click on a website, they intend to look for more information and find a solution to their problem. In such cases, directing them to blog posts at the top of your sales funnel would work best.

As the customer moves further and further into the buying process, content that confirms that your product is the best choice will be more suited to the situation. 

It can include content containing statistics and more in-depth information like laboratory tests. A perfect example is how Neutrogena takes steps to ensure potential buyers of the safety of their products.9

4. Prioritize Blogs For Your Business

Most buyers browse through blogs when looking for products or information about a particular product. Therefore, it makes sense to invest more resources into perfecting your blog.10

Blog content should be designed to align with the customer’s needs at the time. Blog content should also be SEO-optimized and more noticeable to potential customers. 

A successful blog combines techniques, including configuring URLs, using article page templates, and much more.11

Businesses can also highlight testimonials and the best reviews in their blogs to boost and increase customer acquisition. An excellent example of a business blog is Mashable Business which discusses current business trends.

Final Word

Customer acquisition has become saturated, and businesses must employ content marketing strategies to make their products stand out.

Using lead magnets, videos, and blogs that resonate with the consumer will attract more attention to a business’s products. Social media platforms also provide an efficient and cost-effective way to market a product and acquire more customers.