Case Studies

Arizona Government Trasformation Office - Results Portal
| 8 min read
This project aims to showcase the results achieved by the Arizona Government Transformation Office (GTO). We have worked closely with the GTO team to implement a visually refreshing, modern design for the portal. In addition to visual and architectural updates, the new website will leverage Drupal 9 to add new functionality to the website to improve the overall user experience and accessibility.
The News Minute is a website that reports and writes on Indian issues with an exclusive focus on the 5 Southern states. Covering the truth and stories of society, TNM aims to cover trustworthy news without confining journalism behind a paywall.Then, how is it possible to cut noise in the digital landscape, where countless sources battle for the audience's attention, yet, create a sustainable revenue model for their independent media business?
| 7 min read
IIT Palakkad, a premier engineering and research institute based in Palakkad, Kerala, is the newest Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) set up by the Government of India. This educational institute conceptualized remodeling its admission and recruitment portals by embracing digital transformation. The project involves building 5 portals -- Staff Recruitment, Faculty Recruitment, Research Admissions (MS, and Ph.D.), PG Admissions, and Summer Internships.
| 7 min read
This project was carried out in collaboration with YNA Transformations. 24 Mantra is the customer-facing brand of an organic food company, Sresta, that envisions a better planet, enriched farmers' livelihood, and healthy customers' lifestyle. The company empowers its farmers to adopt 100% authentic organic farming practices to bring the chemical-free goodness of farms to customer's tables. Building a platform that reflects its genuineness and makes the process of the crop to package transparent was critical.
| 5 min read
Bartel Taylor and Associates (BTA) is a legal services company with over 25 years of experience managing Infringement notices for councils, hospitals, and universities throughout Victoria. BTA offers its range of services statewide. BTA approached Zyxware Technologies for website redesign and to build an automated workflow to reduce some of the significant manual interventions to improve efficiency and accuracy. The solution would help BTA
| 5 min read
The client, one of the early adopters of  e-governance, had implemented a real-time dashboard for monitoring the progress of the various projects executed across their council. The objective of the dashboard was to improve the transparency of the council and give complete visibility to its citizens into the projects. This project was first implemented in 2018 and has been getting plaudits from across the board. Many a city council has since adopted such dashboards to improve their transparency in capital works projects.
| 8 min read
Introduction As one of the world's leading and largest graduate business schools, INSEAD offers participants a truly global educational experience. Established in 1957, the institution has a history of bringing an open-minded learning culture into its multi-campus model. Harvard Business School, INSEAD and ICFAI Business School Hyderabad are the world’s top three Business Case Study publishers.
| 10 min read
Introduction The client, a European based Food & Beverages giant, wanted to build a direct to consumer business for the first time. They wanted to speak directly and interact directly with their consumers. The project was conceptualised as an omnichannel experience in which the consumers could buy their amazing bespoke and handcrafted products and have them delivered to their homes. The consumer was being given the option to experiment with the flavours and personalise the confectionery as per their taste.
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| 9 min read
To enhance the Islamic Development Bank's brand identity and to be equipped with the new functionalities that are envisaged, Islamic Development Bank is planning to build a new Drupal-based website to replace the existing 9-year-old website. Also, the Islamic Development Bank would want to effectively portray the services and activities of the IDB to its beneficiaries including IDB Member Countries, partners, Scholars, Suppliers, and the public at large. The new website should have an eye-catching design with a responsive layout and improved and refined content management capabilities.
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| 11 min read
Takamol B2B Online Marketplace: Takamol is a Saudi Arabian government owned limited liability company incorporated to provide services for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and thereby contribute to the development of the non-oil economy in the country. Takamol was owned by Ministry of Labor (MoL), Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) and Technical and Vocational training Corporation (TVTC) which are collectively known as MoLPlus.
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| 15 min read
Introduction The platform, National Virtual Library of India (NVLI) envision bringing together several archival and other electronic resources held with public libraries, museums, Central and State Governments, private collections, etc., onto a single knowledge hub interface. All software programs developed and modified for this project were released in the public domain under a GPL license in and other repositories such as Github.
| 12 min read
Problem Statement Department of IT and Telecom ​(DITT)​ being the nodal department for IT infrastructure ​had the responsibility of managing the websites of different government entities. While there were many common features to these websites, they were built using different technologies, and therefore, maintenance was difficult costly. In the present case, the 24 websites of the Dzongkhags and Thromdes were developed on different ​technologies with different designs and functionality.
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| 6 min read
Introduction An international multilateral development financing institution needed a digital platform to share its dynamic contents. Being a global entity they needed to distribute content in multiple languages. Challenge The financial institution needed an editorial content workflow customized to each department. The system needed department based content type permissions. For Instance: