Case Study - How 24 Mantra Uses Traceability to Establish a Transparent Farm to Fork Process & Boost Customer Confidence


This project was carried out in collaboration with YNA Transformations.

24 Mantra is the customer-facing brand of an organic food company, Sresta, that envisions a better planet, enriched farmers' livelihood, and healthy customers' lifestyle.

The company empowers its farmers to adopt 100% authentic organic farming practices to bring the chemical-free goodness of farms to customer's tables.

Building a platform that reflects its genuineness and makes the process of the crop to package transparent was critical.

Simultaneously, building a strong producer-procurer relationship to build credibility and customers' trust was paramount.



24 Mantra realized the overworked usage of the word organic in the food and beverage industry, leading to misinformed buying decisions. 

Often, food packets labeled as "organic" aren’t genuinely organic, making it cumbersome for organic food fanatics to identify the natural produce. 

Moreover, if there's no way to prove the farmers' authentic practices, the company risks losing its voice in the domestic and international market.

Therefore, it was imperative to instill credibility and ensure the potential buyers that 24 Mantra's produce is nutrient-rich, preserves the planet, and offers a sustainable livelihood for the farmers.

Hence, there were two main challenges:

  1. Establishing credibility and building a direct relationship channel outside of the traditional retail ecosystem.
  2. Creating deep awareness, differentiating the company from its competitors.

Building a platform that solves the above issues would also facilitate increased footfall on the website, opening gates to future opportunities for initiating e-commerce.

Our Approach

After conducting the market research, we held a workshop with the Founder and other stakeholders to present our approach.

The idea was to:

  1. Build a platform and introduce traceability so that customers can track the journey of their products from farm to fork.
  2. Introduce storytelling to tell tales of the farmers and help customers establish a connection with them.

Traceability is one of the most effective ways to increase customer confidence since it makes the entire process transparent.

Moreover, introducing traceability would allow the customers to learn about:

  • The farms where crops are cultivated
  • Quality of seeds used
  • The method used to grow crops
  • The soil used for organic farming
  • Certifications

This information is available to the customers once they scan the QR code on the package to track their product.

Moreover, in a global supply chain, it's essential to infuse transparency and ensure customers are getting value for the price.

Storytelling, on the other hand, would offer customers to read the tales of farmers who are growing the produces.

This would connect people to the true story of the product and reflect the genuineness of the brand.


We also conducted UX research workshops and created a user experience based on the findings. We deployed decoupled Drupal 8.x with ReactJS as the front-end. It would allow us to:

  • Capture 24 Mantra’s brand essence in the UI design.
  • Build an engaging and fluid, app-like interface.
  • Enable visitors to navigate the website effortlessly.
  • Double down on videos and images telling stories of farmers and crops.
  • Personalize user experience in each session.
  • Equip the company with the right set of tools to fetch detailed reports and analytics.
  • Enable the frictionless onboarding of users.

Finally, we ensured the users have a memorable experience while administrators can operate the backend efficiently. 

For the end-user, we build a system that offers the ability to:

  • Trace their purchased packet right to the farmers who cultivated the ingredients.
  • Read inspiring farmer stories, place of origin of the crop, the soil used, and the process it undergoes.
  • Read unique content about the products and the lives of farmers each time they visit the website

For the administrator, the system offers:

  • An intuitive user interface to manage the systems efficiently.
  • Flexibility for the admin to create stories (visual narratives) using reusable UI components.
  • Using structured data to provide search engine visibility and bring in more traffic.


Our content partner updated the built product on the system and rolled it out for a soft launch. The design received praise for successfully capturing the essence of brand 24 Mantra and the intuitive, free-flowing UX.

The platform went live on January 15, 2021, and we will update this case study as we have the traffic coming in.