Website With Infringement Processing Workflow For Bartels, Taylor, and Associates Pty Ltd - A Legal Services Company

Bartel Taylor and Associates (BTA) is a legal services company with over 25 years of experience managing Infringement notices for councils, hospitals, and universities throughout Victoria. BTA offers its range of services statewide.

BTA approached Zyxware Technologies for website redesign and to build an automated workflow to reduce some of the significant manual interventions to improve efficiency and accuracy. The solution would help BTA

  • Make the content updation on the website easier
  • Get the webform submissions by offenders in a format that BTA can process easily
  • Implement a web application to automate the workflow of infringements processing

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Why Drupal was chosen:

From the discovery conversations, it became clear that BTA wanted a safe and secure website with easy content publishing and updating interfaces. The site's core function would be to enable end-users to file infringements and gain related information about the process.

Drupal's flexible content modeling allowed our teams to redefine and prioritize fields for content to make the publishing experience more efficient and seamless. The ready availability of web forMS for collecting structured data in the prescribed format and ease of implementing workflows chose Drupal obvious.

Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome):


As indicated above, BTA was accepting form submissions and needed a way to update content on their website, automate web form submissions, and get them in a specific format. They needed a flexible solution that enabled their users to log in to the platform and file a new infringement without any intervention from BTA. They also needed an efficient way for management staff to archive the appeals and email the Offenders' status easily. 

  • Build a modern responsive web portal with CMS features to make the content updation easier
  • Get the webform submissions by offenders in a format that can be processed easily
  • Implement a web application to automate the workflow of submitting and processing infringements.


Since the launch of their new website, BTA's bounce rate has significantly decreased, and their business continues to grow. As a result of the project's success, BTA is in the process of productizing the solution which will help them develop and grow in their industry.

Everyone was extraordinarily helpful and patient in the early days where I initially had absolutely no idea how this was going to work until eventually sourcing an API and building subroutines to work with the website. Your professionalism, guidance, patience, and kindness were very appreciated and I wish you all the very best on all projects going forward.

Christopher D’Abaco,IT Manager, BTA