Customer Experience

Arizona Government Trasformation Office - Results Portal
| 7 min read
This project aims to showcase the results achieved by the Arizona Government Transformation Office (GTO). We have worked closely with the GTO team to implement a visually refreshing, modern design for the portal. In addition to visual and architectural updates, the new website will leverage Drupal 9 to add new functionality to the website to improve the overall user experience and accessibility.
| 3 min read
Remember Pokemon Go? The game that once had everyone, from kids to adults, wandering around with their smartphones in pursuit of virtual creatures? This wasn't just a gaming fad. It was a groundbreaking example of how AR could blend the digital and physical worlds, creating an immersive experience. Pokemon Go demonstrated that AR has the potential to go beyond gaming, setting the stage for innovative marketing strategies.
Personalized Onsite Messaging
| 6 min read
Personalization is at the core of a customer portal. Customer portals offer a handful of personalization options to portal administrators. This includes personalization of the content, communication, user experience etc. The better the personalization we deliver, the more effective will be customer loyalty built. This also influences the purchase behaviour of a customer.
| 5 min read
Personalization has become a game-changer for eCommerce sites. It helps store owners proactively engage with visitors and provide them with what they want. Customers also expect e-commerce systems to provide them with unique experiences based on their preferences. Studies prove that personalization has increased customer engagement and sales to a great extent.