Ensuring Upgrade Integrity: A QA Spotlight on Iteris' Drupal Upgrade


Iteris, a recognized leader in Smart Mobility Infrastructure Management and a notable member of the Nasdaq list, recently made the strategic decision to upgrade from Drupal 8 (D8) to Drupal 9 (D9). The primary objective was to integrate the advanced security features and enhancements available in Drupal 9, thereby strengthening their platform's technological edge.

The responsibility of the QA team was clear: ensure uninterrupted functionality of the website post-upgrade. With the website originally built on an early version of Drupal 8, this upgrade presented inherent challenges, necessitating a comprehensive and meticulous QA process for the project.



Typically, transitioning from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 is a straightforward process, especially for websites regularly updated with each minor release. However, Iteris's situation deviated from this norm. Their platform, rooted in Drupal 8.0, had not evolved alongside the subsequent minor releases leading up to Drupal 9.

This gap meant navigating through approximately nine iterative versions, each introducing its own set of new features while simultaneously phasing out older functionalities. This constant evolution compounded the upgrade's intricacy, amplifying potential pitfalls and discrepancies. The sheer volume of changes over these versions mandated an exceptionally thorough QA review. This was crucial not just for functional continuity but to ensure that the core features and user experience remained unscathed by the migration.

In essence, the challenge was twofold: understanding the myriad changes encapsulated in those nine versions and ensuring that the website's essence remained untouched during the transition.

Our Approach

In response to the nuanced challenges posed by the upgrade, we, in concert with Iteris, rolled out a methodical three-pronged strategy

Replica Test Environment

We crafted a testing environment that meticulously mirrored Iteris's production setup. This didn't merely serve as a testing ground; it became an instrumental reference point. By simulating the production landscape, we could both anticipate and address real-world challenges, ensuring every test run was anchored in practical scenarios. Moreover, it offered a blueprint of the extant features, streamlining the validation process post-upgrade.

Proactive Test Case Creation

Test Cases

Breaking away from the standard reactive mold, we, in tandem with Iteris, delineated a comprehensive set of 147 test cases at the outset. These weren’t just numbers; each case was designed to rigorously assess the site's myriad functions. The proactive nature of this approach ensured that the system was meticulously vetted post-upgrade, safeguarding every feature and function’s integrity.

Sample Testing

Recognizing the value of prudence, Iteris opted for a pilot test — a scaled-down version of the complete upgrade. This served a dual purpose: it allowed us to glean insights into the potential intricacies of the broader upgrade, and it acted as a risk-reduction mechanism, spotlighting any anomalies before the comprehensive migration.

Through this triad of strategies, we ensured that the transition from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 was not just about change, but about elevating Iteris's platform with precision, understanding, and foresight.


Guided by rigorous testing protocols and in-depth preparation, Iteris achieved a transition to D9 that was smooth in execution, fortified in security, and optimized for efficiency. Each strategic layer they employed not only facilitated the upgrade but also ensured it was holistic, pinpoint-accurate, and steadfastly reliable.

Considering an upgrade? Follow in Iteris's successful footsteps. Partner with us for expert website upgrades and testing and ensure a smooth transition.