User Experience

Role of UX in Digital Transformation
| 11 min read
Digital transformation and user experience (UX) are closely interconnected as they improve and enhance how businesses and users interact with technology. UX is pivotal in achieving the digital transformation's objectives and ensuring its success. This blog will explore how UX processes contribute to and align with digital transformation efforts, creating seamless and user-focused digital experiences that drive growth and customer satisfaction.
| 6 min read
This project was carried out in collaboration with YNA Transformations. 24 Mantra is the customer-facing brand of an organic food company, Sresta, that envisions a better planet, enriched farmers' livelihood, and healthy customers' lifestyle. The company empowers its farmers to adopt 100% authentic organic farming practices to bring the chemical-free goodness of farms to customer's tables. Building a platform that reflects its genuineness and makes the process of the crop to package transparent was critical.