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| 14 min read
When Bitcoin was first introduced in 2009, not much was known about digital currency let alone how to pay with cryptocurrency. But worry no more. By the end of this article, you’ll find out companies that accept cryptocurrency as a payment method, the benefits of paying with cryptos, and how you too can implement it in your business.
| 7 min read
Drupal is an open-source CMS platform that small-to-large organizations can use freely without fear of vendor lock-in. Due to enormous amounts of freely-available community code, implementation cost is considerably low. Drupal also possesses a robust and flexible architecture ready for the enterprise.
cyber security
| 6 min read
Organisations need to partner with technology companies if they cannot maintain an internal team of technical security experts. They should address incident response, data encryption, API & Security Certificate management, application security, and other areas as the first step against cyber-attacks.
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| 9 min read
As a marketer, the primary task at hand is to undertake initiatives that increase the revenues of the organization. This involves a heavy dependency on digital technology, which if properly utilized can lead to huge gains. Unfortunately, even criminal elements are able to tap into the growing volume of data and transactions on the web, leading to an environment that is tricky to navigate through for continued business growth.
How automation can benefit the HR domain
| 8 min read
Pandemic has compelled digital transformation (DX) for most industries, making DX a "must-have" thing rather than a "nice-to-have" one. But embracing new operations methods came with its own set of challenges for each domain, and HR is no exception. While acquiring the right talent has always been one of the biggest challenges of HR, they now have the onus of maintaining culture, employee engagement, hiring, retention, or laying off during the work from home scenario. That's an entire set of added challenges no one would have envisioned.
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| 6 min read
Content, commerce, and data are something that always gels together in the context of the web. One of the success factors behind the ticket selling platform I have architected a few years ago is a good example of effectively utilizing this combination. The key idea was to implement a system that is capable of spawning any number of front end portals - through which users purchase entry passes for events and a single backend system that can be used for publishing events, manage prices, manage orders as well as allocate entry passes associated with the event.
| 9 min read
From Facebook’s Lookalike Audience to Google’s RankBrain, artificial intelligence (AI) is a huge part of our lives already. When AI was being introduced, like all new technologies, there was a lot of skepticism and distrust surrounding it. Today, it has seeped into our everyday life so much, we just don’t realize it.
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| 10 min read
This summer, I had the opportunity to intern at Zyxware under the mentorship of Mr. Vimal Joseph. My objective was to develop a proof of concept chatbot that demonstrates how artificial intelligence can be used to improve a user’s on-site search experience. As my first experience in a professional environment, this internship gave me valuable insights on what it takes to work as an engineer in a real world setting. The challenge I was tasked with also helped me expand my knowledge on web design and the emerging field of machine learning.