A Comprehensive List of No Code, Low Code Tools Useful for Marketers

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The best gift technology has given to businesses is perhaps the flexibility to digitize everything and put software to good work. It has helped save countless manhours and manpower. With the addition of no-code and low-code platforms to design software on, it has now become possible to rapidly deploy digital solutions for internal improvement or for external services as well.

According to Forrester 1 , low-code tools are almost ten times faster than traditional apps or software development. Building on that fact is the countless marketing software and platforms that are helping marketers build their own solutions or allowing customizations and integrations through inbuilt APIs.

Through this blog, learn about the 14 distinct categories of marketing tools and the top-ranking software in that category that can be used through low-code/no-code.

The 14 Best No-Code/Low-Code Tools for Marketers in 2023



1.  Landing pages

  • Landing pages may be the least popular, but increasing the number of landing pages from 5 to 15 can increase your lead gain by 55% 2 . Keeping that in mind, landing page creator software is an important asset.
  • Unbounce is an extremely easy-to-use landing page builder tool that is backed by AI technology to speed things up. You can create landing pages and pop-ups and use AI copywriting tools as well.
  • Instapage is a comprehensive tool for building landing pages, pilot landing pages, ad campaign tracking, enhancing personalization and collaborations, and optimizing page speeds. The platform was a leader in the G2 Fall awards.

If you are looking for a landing page solution, the Native CMS/DXP capability to build a landing page with out coding should also be explored. The external landing page builders all offer the landing pages as a subdomain, if you are looking for a more permanent native one that works well for SEO, you should use the CMS/DXP you are using.

Drupal - a popular Digital Experience Platform for enterprises, by default, comes with a layout builder and tonnes of contributed modules to make the marketer's job easier without writing a line of code. CKEditor 5, Layout builder with Panalizer, Paragraphs etc., are some systems that work well for marketers.

2. Website forms

According to research by Venture Harbour 3 , multistep forms, when created in WordPress, can potentially generate a 300% boost in conversions. So don’t ditch your website forms yet – equip your marketers with website form builder software.

  • Typeform is an excellent tool for building website forms that are engaging, interactive, and visually appealing as well. You can use custom themes and media to personalize forms as well.
  • Jotform lets you put together a website form in minutes. You get to choose your brand logo, fonts, colors, and more. These forms can also be integrated into all your business apps.
  • Formstack is best used for automating workflows to build website forms. You can automate data collection, autofill, custom documents, and collection of digital signatures as well. It has a drag-and-drop interface.

Webform is the defacto form builder that can be used with Drupal and can handle advanced use cases, all without writing a single line of code.

3. Websites

Did you know that 42% of 4 visitors leave your website if it has poor functionality? This necessitates adopting one of the following website builder tools as a marketer.

  • Webflow is an extremely popular no-code website builder. It offers features like no-code website design, CMS, eCommerce capabilities, interactions, and memberships. You also get SEO, collaborative tools, and hosting solutions.
  • Wix has a powerful infrastructure that lets you build immersive websites. It provides features like website design, templates, Editor X, custom domain names, secure web hosting, etc. You can even hire a professional to do it from Wix.
  • Squarespace is a unique website builder that lets you choose your design type – portfolio, blog, etc. The platform offers all the website design capabilities and adds value with its analytics functionality as well.

All these low-code no-code website builders have their problems. If you are looking for a permanent website solution for your brand, I would say, Never go for a SaaS website solution, unless your scope is limited and growth is not on your agenda. 

If you want to grow, permanent SEO and brand building are something you look for; invest in a good CMS/DXP that will support your business in the long term. Drupal or WordPress can be the choice of CMS for you. Choose between them based on your needs. There are others like Adobe Experience Manager, SiteCore etc; the ultimate choice is yours. As a consultant, we can help you in the process. Please let us know if you have any questions about selecting a CMS/DXP for your business.



4. Interactive Content

Using interactive content in marketing boosts conversions by 200% 5 . Things being so, marketers have a lot to gain from employing interactive content creation tools.

  • Outgrow lets you increase your conversion rates by providing features like quizzes, tests, chatbots, polls, surveys, and more. The content layouts are conversion optimized and branded per your needs.
  • Ceros is a no-code interactive content builder platform that gives you complete creative freedom through a freeform canvas. Using drag and drop, you can work with PSDs, AIs, and Sketch files on the platform.
  • Jebbit is a unique no-code platform that lets you build engaging content targeted toward exemplary customer journeys. It is a cross-channel tool and has analytics and integration capabilities as well.

You should also give a try to H5P, one of the popular tools that can help you create interactive content for Free. The above video is an example of creating an interactive video using h5p.

5. Web Apps

Research 6 shows that the usage of apps grew by 36% between 2020 and 2021. Marketers should thus focus on creating web apps as much as creating websites. Some of the no-code tools that can be used for this are as follows.

  • Parabola is an excellent no-code solution for automating all your content creation workflows to save manpower and man-hours. It also provides channels for team collaboration. You can integrate it with other apps using API.
  • Bubble is a simple, user-friendly no-code platform that helps you build web apps like marketplaces, SaaS apps, dashboards, and CRMs. You get to execute full functionality without having to use any code.
  • Tilda helps you create beautiful web apps with the help of an intuitive web app builder, blocks library with typologies, photo gallery, and more. You can create adaptive web apps using Tilda.

6. Mobile apps

Research shows that out of all internet users, 54% are on apps, while 46% are on websites. This emphasizes that marketers need to capitalize on this opportunity.

  • Glide is an extremely user-friendly platform that lets your staff build custom enterprise apps without using code. It provides drag-and-drop components to create interactive data presentations as well.
  • Appy Pie is a popular no-code name for designing and creating mobile and web-based applications. It also allows you to automate your workflows easily.
  • Draftbit is a native app builder platform that lets you design, build, test, and publish your mobile applications without any code. It allows you full customization without making templates compulsory.

MIT App inventor an alternative for these, it comes with an intuitive visual programming language - you can say it is no-code or particularly low-code, that allows you to build full-fledged Android or ios apps for any purpose.

7. Database Apps

As marketing data and information grow, the need to manage it efficiently also grows. This is where database apps can come in handy for marketers.

  • Airtable is an excellent no-code solution that lets you build custom database apps using interface design, views, automation, syncing, and reporting features to support development.
  • Appsheet is an Airtable alternative from Google. It also supports full-fledged app development without writing code.
  • Knack is a powerful database builder tool without any coding needs. You get workflow automation, data management, reports and dashboards, payments, and other integrations with this platform.

8. Chatbots

According to studies 7 , 68% of consumers like the speed with which chatbots respond to their queries. This is what makes them such an important asset for marketing.

  • Chatfuel provides you with no-code chatbots that are supported by AI. You get access to templates for various purposes and the capability to initiate trigger messages.
  • Botsify is a fully automated chatbot platform that guarantees a 10x revenue boost. You can automate the sales processes and provide great customer support with quick-responding chatbots.
  • Landbot is a highly comprehensive no-code chatbot builder platform. You can use the drag-and-drop function, bricks, and templates to build one. You also get access to the analytics function of the platform.

9. Voice Assistant Skills

Sundar Pichai, the Google CEO, announced that 20% of 8 searches are now voice-based. This necessitates incorporating voice assistant skills in marketing campaigns.

  • Voicify is a no-code tool for creating voice-based user interfaces for your customers. It helps you take the customer experience of your digital channels to the next level.
  • Voiceflow is the ideal choice for conversational AI teams to develop voice assistants without using code. The platform supports collaboration and allows quick development and testing.
  • Vuix is an extremely capable platform for creating voice assistants with Alexa’s skills and Google’s actions. It allows you to prototype, test and deploy the product quickly.

10. App Integration

One study 9 reveals that the customer and employee experiences about 70% of organizations provide are disjointed, with apps not integrated or connected across the experiences. Marketers need to provide seamless experiences.

n8n in action: A video that showcases a complex workflow implemented using n8n. Video credits: n8n
  • Zapier is the most popular app integration bridge available in the market today. This no-code solution lets you design your own app connectors for over 5,000 apps.
  • n8n allows you to integrate your tech stack and automate workflows across your organization. It is Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and allows you to maintain your own instances. All the data/integrations everything will be with in your organization.
  • Make is one of the popular Zapier alternatives, which allows integration with 100s of apps and platforms. 

11. Workflow Processes

Nearly 94% 10 of small and mid-sized businesses perform repetitive clerical tasks. By automating these business processes, marketers can boost their productivity significantly.

  • Pipefy helps you design automated workflows and processes for your business functions – all without writing any code. You get fast deployment with a scalable solution that has collaboration tools as well.
  • Kissflow is a complete enterprise tool that has business process automation as a module built-in. It allows you to automate and streamline processes and monitor them using a simple dashboard.
  • Internal is a comprehensive no-code platform for building any kind of enterprise-use software, tools, or apps. It also has collaboration capabilities for the entire team.

12. Data Analysis

The analytics industry 11 has expanded by 34.5% year on year in 2022. There is a need for robust analytics tools in every organization – which can be built easily using the following no-code platforms.

  • Tableau is a data visualization platform. It helps marketers visualize insights generated from marketing and consumer data for better marketing decisions. You can even derive analytics for the entire enterprise.
  • Looker provides you with modern business intelligence, analytics, integrated insights, data-driven workflows, and creation of custom application development, and much more. You can also select the database on which you want to house your suite. Looker Studio - the free version of Looker can connect different data sources and create data visualizations and executive-level reports.
  • Amplitude is a cloud-based analytics platform that allows you to analyze complex digital journeys, generate behavioral graphs, optimize digital touchpoints and so much more. All without needing to code.

13. Machine Learning

Machine learning has the highest share of AI funding 12 around the world, thanks to its efficacy in understanding consumers. Marketers should invest in no-code ML tools for better marketing.

  • Obviously touts itself as the fastest AI no-code tool in the market. Marketers can design tools for predicting churn, converting leads, predicting sales, dynamic pricing, deal size, and much more using this tool.
  • Teachable Machine is a no-code way to design ML models for your websites, apps, and other digital assets. You can classify media files by teaching an ML model how to do it.

14. Video Creation

A survey 13 revealed that 88% of marketers are satisfied with the ROI that their videos generate. Videos have become an extremely important method to reach consumers because they are engaging.

  • Biteable lets you create actionable videos with collaboration tools housed on its online video maker. You also get record requests and asset libraries to bring order to chaos.
  • Powtoon is a fun no-code tool for building presentations and videos using toons. It also allows you to work with marketing strategies, lead building, and results measurement on the platform.
  • Magisto is an AI-powered video marketing platform which is no code and easy to use. You can create marketing videos in three simple steps, use templates or make them from scratch and share them to any channel.

Wrapping Up

Digitalization has changed how customers interact with brands, and marketers must respond with relevant campaigns that appeal to the target audience. Marketing has become more visual and interactive than before. If you are a marketer, ensure that your toolkit has one of each of the 14 categories of marketing tools available. 

You should also note that, there is no ONE solution for every problem a marketer comes across.  Even with the low-code, no-code world. It is the creativity in automation that rules this segment. The question we always ask is - how to make the life of marketers easy - By understanding their problems, helping them select tools, and working with them to automate the processes? 

Our idea of creating the MarTech team here at Zyxware technologies is to help marketing teams do their jobs with 100% efficiency with the support of technology. Once the integration is done and all systems are ready, we will hand over the entire system to you and you can continue the marketing operations using that. If you need any support solving your tech challenges, talk to our MarTech consultants.