Marketing Operations

Make Scenario - Instantly with Pipedrive
| 8 min read
Discover the power of integrating email campaign tool with your sales CRM to manage your email marketing campaigns efficiently. Learn how we streamlined campaign responses, automated lead management, and enhanced task handling for prompt follow-ups. With Make's Webhook and Google Sheets' automation capabilities, we achieved a seamless end-to-end solution, eliminating manual efforts and reducing response times. This transformative integration has empowered us to focus on meaningful interactions, nurture valuable connections, and drive tangible business results.
Pipedrive Custom Fields
| 6 min read
Unlock the power of automation with Google Sheets and AppScript to streamline your tasks. Discover how we leverage this capability to automate custom field creation in Pipedrive. This article provides a detailed guide and a ready-to-use Google Sheet for effortless customization. Experience the efficiency and convenience of automated custom field creation in Pipedrive.
Extract email address from resumes
| 12 min read
Processing a lot of resumes is a challenge for HR departments. With the right tools at hand, nothing is difficult to achieve. Here is how we extracted the required information from PDF files to process the job applications we received for out digital marketing executive post.
Zyxware default image2
| 3 min read
While businesses rely on the IT department, specifically the CIO and CTO, for technological matters, the CFO should be involved in key decisions related to developing an Information Management (IM) Strategy. While CMOs handle everything from branding to communication, if the marketing team needs technical assistance, they must seek assistance from the CIO, who will obtain the necessary software and ensure that it is fully compatible with the Company's existing infrastructure.