Email Marketing

Filtering Contacts
| 7 min read
We encountered a challenge within one of our large target audience database, which included names, emails, and designations. Multiple contacts from the same company, bearing similar or varied designations, populated the dataset. Mass emailing several contacts within a single company isn't a good idea. We must extract one key contact from each company for our campaign to address this. This article showcase the spreadsheet based solution we have used to extract the required contacts
Make Scenario - Instantly with Pipedrive
| 5 min read
Discover the power of integrating email campaign tool with your sales CRM to manage your email marketing campaigns efficiently. Learn how we streamlined campaign responses, automated lead management, and enhanced task handling for prompt follow-ups. With Make's Webhook and Google Sheets' automation capabilities, we achieved a seamless end-to-end solution, eliminating manual efforts and reducing response times. This transformative integration has empowered us to focus on meaningful interactions, nurture valuable connections, and drive tangible business results.
Mautic Email Automation
To upgrade Mautic to the latest Mautic 4.0.0 version, We will need to first update the present Mautic version 3.3.3 to Mautic 3.3.4 version, which is the stable version before the Mautic 4.0.0 version. It is always recommended to upgrade the Mautic version through the command line. Let us see the commands to upgrade the Mautic version. From the document root of mautic, we will need to run the below command to check whether any version upgrade is pending.
Zyxware default image4
| 4 min read
The Webform Insightly module is used for the integration of unsightly CRM with webforms. This creates a new contact for each web form entry of our site. It adds opportunities for every subsequent entry of the contact. In this module, all configurations can be done from the admin side and any number of webforms can be added to the configuration. Here there is another option to import the Webform Insightly configuration in JSON encode format and similarly export the saved web form unsightly configurations.