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To upgrade Mautic to the latest Mautic 4.0.0 version, We will need to first update the present Mautic version 3.3.3 to Mautic 3.3.4 version, which is the stable version before the Mautic 4.0.0 version. It is always recommended to upgrade the Mautic version through the command line. Let us see the commands to upgrade the Mautic version. From the document root of mautic, we will need to run the below command to check whether any version upgrade is pending.
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Email marketing is a powerful tool to acquire prospective customers and to retain established customers. Email marketing is the most cost-effective way to promote products or services, communicate with customers and reach business goals. According to the Email Marketing Industry Census 2016 by econsultancy, the ROI of email marketing outperforms
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The Webform Insightly module is used for the integration of unsightly CRM with webforms. This creates a new contact for each web form entry of our site. It adds opportunities for every subsequent entry of the contact. In this module, all configurations can be done from the admin side and any number of webforms can be added to the configuration. Here there is another option to import the Webform Insightly configuration in JSON encode format and similarly export the saved web form unsightly configurations.