Acquiring and Retaining Customers through Emails

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Email marketing is a powerful tool to acquire prospective customers and to retain established customers. Email marketing is the most cost-effective way to promote products or services, communicate with customers and reach business goals. As per a study by Litmus1 , or every $1 spent on email marketing, marketers receive a return of $36. This impressive ROI underscores the effectiveness and efficiency of email marketing in reaching customers and driving conversions

Acquisition of New Customers

Acquiring new customers is one of the most challenging processes, because customers who have not yet developed a relationship with our brand or product need to be convinced to purchase or register for our offering. The best way to attract prospective customers through email marketing is to provide them with valuable content they may have an interest in. A most common email marketing technique used to convert prospects or leads into active customers is to offer a free newsletter or autoresponder series. It must provide valuable information along with the promotion of our product or services.

We will have to create the best possible email marketing strategy to convert prospective customers.



5 Things to Consider When Framing an Email Marketing Strategy to Acquire New Customers

Target a Niche

By targeting a niche prospective customer group, we will be able to market more specifically and offer services for their specific needs. People love it when they are provided with specific personalized solutions for their problems.

Personalized Message

Using customer data to create personalized messages will help to increase the open rate of emails. The simplest form of personalization is to address the reader by name. Other than using the reader's name using a real reply-to email and real email signature will also help to increase the credibility of the email.



Mobile Friendly Email

Nowadays most of the emails are opened through mobile devices, so create a responsive email design. Also make sure to use a short subject line, preheader text, concise copy, and a big enough call to action button. It is better to keep the CTA front and center.

Providing Useful Content

Make sure to provide useful and engaging content. We can provide them company news, guides, product reviews, and coupon codes. The most important thing is to ensure that the content is well written and should be aimed at the needs of the reader.

Test Different Methods

Testing different designs, ways of writing, and call to action positions are some of the methods that can be tested. When testing different methods, analyze what happens and make improvements on it. If we continuously measure and improve upon things as we move forward, it will help to make email marketing campaigns more successful.

There are also other factors to keep in mind when framing email marketing strategy, but these are the most important things to keep track of.

Retention of Existing Customers

Email marketing can also help to retain our established customers. It is important to retain our customers because they can help to grow our business in various ways. To retain our established customers, we need to treat them right, giving them the respect they deserve and gaining their confidence.

5 Ways to Use Email Marketing to Retain Established Customers

Welcome Email

The first email that we send to our customers will create an impression for the future customer relationship, it is important to make sure that it is warm, friendly, and inviting. It is a chance for us to show them how valuable they are to us and that we value them for being our customers.

Reward and Gifts

Be sure to reward them with something for taking the time and effort to make a purchase. It is a good thing to create reward programs for the customers, this will help to thank our loyal customers in ways that create an impact on future customer relationships.

Providing Expertise

Sharing the knowledge that we have acquired in our line of business to the customers will help them to get a detailed descriptions about our industry and about the product or services we provide and also help us to show our customers that we are pioneers in our line of business.

Get Feedbacks

Feedbacks make customers feel appreciated. Send them a short survey or solicit a feedback form. The answers will help to improve business practices and create marketing strategies.

Result Analysis

Monitoring and analyzing the results will help to find if the strategy is working if it is identifying the problem and making effective changes that help improve the result. The analysis might even help to define a new email marketing strategy based on the behavior of the customers.

When it comes to cost, retaining existing customers is more cost-effective than acquiring new customers, but both acquisition and retention are important for business. Balancing the number of new customers with the number of customers who left us will help the business to achieve growth. It is critical to implement the most effective strategy, the above points will help in defining an effective strategy.

Zyxware Technologies can help set up an email marketing strategy that helps in the retention of old customers while acquiring new ones. To know more, do get in touch with us!