Optimizing Marketing Efforts: Enhancing Email Marketing with Automation

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Email is one of the most powerful marketing channels available today if you have the right message and target audience. We use tools like instantly.ai for our email drip campaigns. When you run an email campaign, managing campaign responses and promptly responding to each without overlooking a single interaction is critical. This task demands constant effort and consumes significant time, involving meticulous sorting of campaign response emails and ensuring timely replies, all while preparing for subsequent campaigns.

To alleviate this workflow complexity, we decided to leverage the power of Pipedrive CRM by integrating it with Instantly.ai. This integration has simplified our processes and yielded several additional benefits.

Instantly Pipedrive Automation Flow

We are managing our contact database in Pipedrive, and based on the marketing campaign and segmentation, we select the relevant contacts and create an email campaign in the email marketing tool. In our case, it is Instantly. Once the email campaign is on, syncing between the email marketing tool and the CRM is important.

Make to Automate the Sync between Email Marketing Tool and Sales CRM

Instantly Webhook

We use the Make Webhook to listen to the responses from Instantly.ai, and when a reply is received, a lead will be created against the Pipedrive contact.



Instant Messaging and Task Management

Instantly - Pipedrive - Mattermost

Creating a lead on the sales CRM alone is not enough; There should be a mechanism to create and assign a task to the responsible person. In our system, a message is pushed to the sales channel in Mattermost whenever a lead is created, and an activity is created in the Pipedrive with a due date.

Dashboard to Monitor the Campaign

Dashboard in Google Sheet

The success of any email campaign is the constant monitoring and revisions in the various parameters of the campaign, including messaging and segmentation. A dashboard that pulls data from different systems is always a challenge. We have created a Google sheet and an app script to automatically pull data from Instantly to create a real-time dashboard. For this project, the script is fine-tuned to include Pipedrive in it. Now it shows the number of deals, their status, and email automation KPIs.

Result: End-to-end automated solution with Email Marketing tool and the Sales CRM

By integrating Instantly.ai with Pipedrive CRM and leveraging Make's and Google Sheet's powerful automation capabilities, we have achieved a seamless end-to-end solution for our email marketing campaigns. The results have been transformative, streamlining our lead management process and optimizing our response handling.



Efficient Campaign Response Management

With Make's Webhook listening to responses from Instantly.ai, we can promptly create leads against relevant Pipedrive contacts. This real-time syncing ensures that no campaign response goes unnoticed, allowing us to take timely action and nurture valuable leads.

Instant Messaging and Task Management

Creating a lead in the sales CRM is just the beginning. To ensure smooth follow-up, we have implemented a mechanism to create tasks for the responsible team members. Each time a lead is created, a message is automatically pushed to the sales channel in Mattermost, alerting the team about the new lead. Simultaneously, an activity is generated in Pipedrive with a due date, enabling efficient task management and ensuring no lead falls through the cracks.

Real-time Dashboard for Monitoring Campaigns

The success of any email campaign relies on constant monitoring and data analysis. We have set up a real-time dashboard using Google Sheets to simplify this process. The dashboard pulls data from Instantly.ai and Pipedrive, presenting us with critical insights and performance metrics. This allows us to make data-driven decisions, optimize messaging and segmentation, and continually improve our campaign strategies.


Overall, the end-to-end automation solution has enhanced the efficiency of our email marketing campaigns and sales processes. It has eliminated manual efforts, reduced response times, and ensured every lead is handled precisely. By seamlessly integrating our email marketing tool with Pipedrive CRM through Make's automation platform, we have unlocked the full potential of both systems, resulting in increased productivity and improved customer engagement.

We are excited about the possibilities as we continue fine-tuning our automation processes and leveraging cutting-edge technologies. This successful integration has empowered our team to focus on meaningful interactions with our audience, nurture valuable connections, and drive tangible business results.

If you want to optimize your email marketing campaigns and explore automation possibilities within your systems, contact us for a seamless and streamlined solution tailored to your unique needs. Let's transform your email marketing strategy for success!