[Drupal] How to use the Export & Import operations in Webform Insightly Module Drupal 7

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The Webform Insightly module is used for the integration of unsightly CRM with webforms. This creates a new contact for each web form entry of our site. It adds opportunities for every subsequent entry of the contact. In this module, all configurations can be done from the admin side and any number of webforms can be added to the configuration. Here there is another option to import the Webform Insightly configuration in JSON encode format and similarly export the saved web form unsightly configurations.

Steps for Export:

  • Go to admin/config/insightly-mapping/add
  • In the option 'Currently Mapped forms' there is a link for export operation (admin/insightly-mapping/export/%) in each webform configure.
  • Click the export link, then we will get the json_encode format of our selected webform's configuration.

Steps for Import:

  • Go to admin/config/insightly-mapping/add, there is a link for import which is above the 'Currently Mapped forms' table or go to admin/insightly-mapping/import.
  • Put the webform insightly configuration form's json_encode format of our webform in the import text area.
  • There is two option to import:
    1. Import new webform.
    2. Import for updating the existing webform: Case 1: If we want to import existing webform, then check the checkbox option - 'Replace an existing field mapping, if one exists with the same Form id' for updating existing one. Case 2: If we didn't checked, then a warning will be displayed and will not save that imported data because there may be a chance to crash the data.

Hope this article helped :)