Digital Marketing

How To Boost Your Site Through Inbound Marketing

Having a powerful CMS like Drupal is just the foundation for organizations to boost their digital presence. Today, business and public sectors are looking for more than just a website, they want a complete platform that enables digital marketing too. Inbound marketing is making sweeping changes in the way content of a website is viewed. An increasing percentage of site visitors are converted to contacts, leads and ultimately to business generated.

How to drive the digital transformation of your business?

Digital transformation is the evolution of business enterprises to fully engage and optimize their operations and functioning to incorporate and fully make use of the potential of digital technology and their influence on society. Digital transformation is industry independent to a large extent and helps implement the business goals, resolve challenges, and increase customer traffic.

Drupal 8: An agile and strategic digital marketing platform

Digital trends are evolving and transforming quite rapidly. Digital marketers can monitor what is being viewed, for how long and how often. Being able to analyze what content works, what doesn’t and see the sale conversions should help in making a strategic marketing plan that is agile. Drupal known for its flexibility and scalability, is a great tool for building an amazing digital marketing platform.

The Future calls: Social media marketing trends for 2016

Marketing directors have been keen on designing their strategies for 2016 while keeping in mind the social media marketing trends that are going to have the biggest impact on their efforts. If you are in the middle of developing your social media marketing strategy for 2016, then you should definitely take some time to review the social media marketing trends for the year as predicted by experts.

Powering change: Building a Digital Marketing Platform with Drupal

Over the years, marketing has dramatically evolved with the fast-changing preferences of consumers. Today, marketers are employing multi-channel digital marketing techniques to communicate with their target audience. This approach will increase the company’s digital presence; will help them gain more audience and loyal customers.

Exploring frontiers: Digital marketing trends of 2016

The Digital Marketing industry is a fast-paced and volatile one and for any marketer who wants to stay at the top of the game, it is pertinent to stay updated about the latest marketing trends on a regular basis. One little slip and the opportunity to keep up to the client's standards and match up with the competition is lost, and along with it, a chance to reach the top.

Powerful tips to create a successful & effective B2B social media strategy

If you are the Social Media Manager for a B2B company, you are probably in search of a strategy that will engage your users and turn them into loyal followers and give your organization long-term success. Using Social Media Marketing has long been the domain of B2C companies while B2B companies have been sceptical about its effectiveness as a potent weapon, especially in the longer run.

Let your brand speak to the world: How to tell your brand story?

October 15, 2015 - 10:20

Do you remember the “The Complete man”? In the 90's, Raymond, India's largest branded fabric and fashion retailers, brought out its groundbreaking ad campaign which told the story of a caring family man; he was sometimes portrayed as a caring father, at other times a loving husband or a true friend who always looked stunning in a well-ironed Raymond suit. Even after two decades, Raymond continues to live on in our hearts.

Is high-quality content necessary for creating a powerful brand?

High-quality content without doubt is a key ingredient for a powerful brand. Think of the known brand names in different industry verticals like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Hershey's, Toyota, Ikea, Nike and you immediately have a picture of top quality and high customer satisfaction associated with each one. Each one of them did not establish their brand’s presence in the industry overnight. However, it was developed over a period of years producing high-quality commodities, not just once but systematically over a period of time.

Make the most out of Twitter to achieve your marketing goals

September 28, 2015 - 10:45

Marketing of a product or a concept is no longer limited to using the conventional methods of communicating to a potential customer like print or television advertising or billboards. Today, with the faster penetration of Internet and proliferation of devices such as mobiles, smart phones and tablets, social media tools like Facebook and Twitter have become extremely relevant to market a product.

Mistakes that you need to avoid in branding

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small bakery shop in a hill station, you are a brand. When Indian Coffee House came into being way back in 1936, the term branding was not there. Nevertheless, the concept of branding was there. By the end of 1940, there were 50 odd outlets of Indian Coffee House all over the country. All the outlets were uniformly done up, starting from the décor to the clothes that the waiters wore to the crockery used and last but not the least the aroma of the steamy cuppa coffee. This is what the essence of branding is.