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Fix Certbot Auto-Renew Error in Ubuntu
| 9 min read
As a marketer, the primary task at hand is to undertake initiatives that increase the revenues of the organization. This involves a heavy dependency on digital technology, which if properly utilized can lead to huge gains. Unfortunately, even criminal elements are able to tap into the growing volume of data and transactions on the web, leading to an environment that is tricky to navigate through for continued business growth.
5 Tips For Digital Marketing Agencies To Optimize Your Content Calendar
| 9 min read
It takes more than routine blog posts for your content marketing to have your desired impact on the bottom line of your organization. Of course, you have to be ready to hire a digital agency that guarantees to catapult your content calendar right where it can handle the heat. We understand how much stress it can be to understand and implement these steps. Hence, we've focused this post on highlighting and explaining the best strategies that any digital agency can adopt to optimize your content calendar. Here, take a look at five of our most trusted strategies.
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| 6 min read
Imagine a visitor came to your site, two times a day. In the first instance, he found your media brand selling premium content through a Facebook advertisement in his newsfeed. He clicked on the advertisement and visited the media site. In the second instance, a few hours later during the day, after having gathered some more information he Googled the media brand name, clicked the paid search results, and landed on your site.
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| 5 min read
In today’s digital world, one size fits all marketing is no longer relevant, instead, the focus is on contextual marketing and personalized customer experience across the entire sales funnel through digital platforms. Many businesses are working hard trying to build their customer engagement, but often fail because they are focused on any and all kind of interactions without considering the value that is added through the relationship. When a business uses Drupal 8 as its platform of choice, it takes ownership of the experience that is being delivered to customers.