Five Marketing Trends Your Digital Marketing Agency Should Be Aware Of

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Technology is reshaping the marketing landscape rapidly, making it difficult for marketers to keep up with the latest trends. Marketing techniques that were trending and effective a few years ago are now considered irrelevant and obsolete. As a marketing agency, it’s critical to continuously explore and implement new ways to promote a business online. This blog post will highlight five of the latest marketing trends your digital marketing agency must consider when designing strategies for your clients. 

Modern marketing change entirely the way brands attract and connect with their audiences. Constantly changing algorithms and emerging marketing technologies keep CMOs on their toes. So, when developing marketing strategies for your clients, it’s essential to stay ahead of the game. Let’s get down to trends that your digital marketing agency can’t afford to miss out on: 

Customer Experience Takes a Central Position 

Progressive companies understand how delivering an impeccable customer experience can help them stand out from their competition. A single incident of poor customer experience can ruin your reputation as a dependable digital agency. The way you look at your clients’ business has a significant impact on how you look at yours. Here is what your agency can gain from a good customer experience: 

  • Improved crisis management 
  • Increased client retention 
  • More customer acquisition 
  • Potential savings on marketing costs 

Customer experience will remain at the top of your client’s minds when they think about working with your agency. Whether your existing clients will keep doing business with you depends on your future customer experience. Today, over 80% of companies compete primarily based on customer experience. If you want your agency to achieve sustainable growth, make ‘customer experience,’ a key component of your marketing strategy.   

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Take Privacy as a Brand Attribute

Why should businesses trust your agency with their data? Privacy is a great way to establish trust with your clients. As a forward-thinking digital agency, you need to build privacy into your brand architecture. 

Your clients have to share plenty of information so that you may create more personalised brand messaging. As a CEO or brand leader, you must not think about data privacy as a compliance headache. Instead, the brand leader should treat data privacy as a shared responsibility for everyone associated with your company. Take privacy as an opportunity to grow, not a burden best left to your IT or legal departments to address. 

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Use AI-Assisted Content Creation To Drive Productivity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning have already started helping marketers create improved content marketing campaigns. While AI enhances human knowledge and capabilities, your agency has a lot to gain from AI-based content creation and marketing tools. AI-powered tools also help marketers create better content strategies based on data and insights. 

Content creators will produce over 30% of their digital content using AI capabilities per conservative estimates.

Crayon is an example of how machine learning can produce competitive intelligence on what your competitors are doing online. You can use this tool to see how the homepage of one of your competitor’s websites changes over time. Grammarly is another example of how AI can help your content department produce better content. So, don’t forget to equip your team with AI content creation tools to drive productivity and profitability. 

Pay Due Attention to Automated Omni-channel Marketing 

If you’re not sure how automated omni-channel marketing works, you’re not alone. Omni-channel is probably one of the least understood concepts in the world of marketing. Some CMOs have wrapped their head around automated omni-channel marketing and want to implement it. However, 86% of e-commerce marketers don’t have a comprehensive omni-channel marketing strategy for their brand.  

If done suitable, automated omni-channel marketing can help your agency deliver consistent, seamless customer experiences across devices and channels. Automated omni-channel marketing is one of the emerging trends digital marketers should implement. 



Don’t Forget To Prioritise User Experience (UX)

Needless to mention that today’s consumers are savvy and intelligent as they want their solutions delivered in a time-efficient manner. Billions of people turn to the internet to perform their daily tasks, from booking flights to buying all kinds of products and services. 

When performing any task online, the quality of an online experience makes a tremendous difference. So, when creating digital products for your clients, prioritise UX and integrate it into all of your digital marketing campaigns. 

Over 80% of online consumers are less likely to return to the site after having an unpleasant experience. 

To further simplify the concept, UX in the e-commerce perspective is about the ease of finding, accessing, and buying online. For example, your web designers should design a website to make things easier for the website users so that your clients can easily attract and convert visitors into customers. 

Clutter and confusion are design failures, especially when a business is using digital marketing to dominate the competition. Therefore, make sure your development team can create accessible, concise, and straightforward online experiences. 

Short Video Ads Can Help You With the Low Attention Span

The human attention span has been falling since the inception of the internet. Your success largely depends on how well you’re at winning and keeping attention for your clients. While video content marketing is gaining unprecedented popularity, short video ads can help you deal with the low attention span of human users. When creating digital advertising campaigns for your clients, use short video ads no matter what channel you’re advertising on. 

Short Video Ads Can Help You With the Low Attention Span

Excellent customer experience, marketing automation, AI-powered marketing tools, personalisation, and converting content are some trends your agency should focus on in 2021 and beyond. 

If you don’t have the resources to keep up with the new marketing trends and scale your business to the next level, outsourcing is advisable to ease your workload. Contact Zyxware Technologies for more details! 


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