Google Search 2024 Update: Who's Affected and What to Do

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Google Search March 2024 core update has made a significant ripple in the SEO world. This update puts a strong emphasis on delivering high-quality, useful content to users, while weeding out spam and manipulative tactics.  Business owners and SEO professionals must understand the full impact to ensure their websites maintain strong presence in search results. Let's break down the most affected areas and discuss proactive solutions

Who Is Most Affected by the March 2024 Update?

The core update targets several areas where websites may fall short of Google's evolving standards



Reliance on Expired Domains

Websites using expired domains for backlinks or to publish irrelevant content risk reduced visibility. It's essential to assess the history of any domain before utilizing it for SEO purposes. One way to understand what a domain was previously used for is by checking it on the WaybackMachine to explore past iterations. If Google mistakenly deindexes your domain, you can create a thread on the Google Search Console Community. There is a chance that your problem will be escalated, and the penalty will be removed.

Scaled Content Abuse

Google is cracking down on websites that focus on churning out massive quantities of low-quality, unoriginal content purely for search manipulation. The only solution to get around this is to generate original, quality content that offers value to readers. Follow E-E-A-T principles – ensure  your content demonstrates Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

Site Reputation Abuse

Websites hosting low-value third-party content (often sponsored or advertorial) that doesn't genuinely benefit users may face penalties. Website owners need strict content guidelines and regular monitoring to avoid site reputation abuse.


Focus on Helpful Content: Create content that is informative, addresses user needs, and offers unique value. Think about originality, problem-solving, and providing a positive user experience.

Content Quality Over Quantity: Invest in producing fewer, but exceptionally well-crafted pieces instead of mass-produced, thin content.

Strict Editorial Guidelines: Establish robust guidelines for your own content and carefully monitor any third-party content hosted on your site. Emphasize helpfulness and relevance to your target audience.

The Zyxware Approach

At Zyxware, we prioritize delivering valuable, informative content to our users. We follow well-defined content guidelines, use examples from our own experiences, and always include references in our articles. We do not accept sponsored content, and for guest posting, we have strict standards for selecting the content and links. Contact us to get any SEO-related questions answered.