24/7 Customer Support
| 3 min read
Leveraging collaboration tools like Mattermost or Slack, and integrating them with issue-tracking/project management systems like Redmine, Jira, or Trello using Low code, No code tools like Make or Zapier can enhance productivity and simplify various organizational tasks. In this blog post, we will explore how a successful IT Support Ticket System was created by integrating Mattermost and Redmine, paving the way for limitless possibilities in optimizing internal communication and workflow management.
Role of UX in Digital Transformation
| 9 min read
Digital transformation and user experience (UX) are closely interconnected as they improve and enhance how businesses and users interact with technology. UX is pivotal in achieving the digital transformation's objectives and ensuring its success. This blog will explore how UX processes contribute to and align with digital transformation efforts, creating seamless and user-focused digital experiences that drive growth and customer satisfaction.
ga4 logo
| 17 min read
Unleash the Power of GA4 E-commerce Reports: Propel Your Online Business with the Latest Updates! Stay ahead in the digital landscape with actionable insights and analytics, harnessing the full potential of GA4 e-commerce reports to drive unparalleled growth and success.
Digital Asset Expiry Tracker - Configuration
| 13 min read
Asset Expiry Tracker is a tool designed for system administrators or project managers to effortlessly manage and track the expiry dates of critical services and assets, such as SSL certificates, domain names, and more. With Asset Expiry Tracker, admins can set personalized reminders, ensuring timely renewals and preventing potential service disruptions.
Digital Trasformation
| 8 min read
Digital transformation and IT enablement are two distinct initiatives that organizations often encounter in their pursuit of modernizing their operations. These terms are sometimes used interchangeably despite their differences, leading to confusion in the business landscape. However, it is essential to understand that these initiatives differ significantly in their objectives, scope, and impact. This blog post will dive deep into the distinctions between Digital Transformation and IT Enablement and provide real-world examples to help business owners make informed decisions.
Google Analytics
| 6 min read
Are you perplexed by data on certain pages that seem to be missing from your Google Analytics 4 (GA4) reports? Do you find discrepancies between the numbers displayed in GA4 Search Console reports and the actual data in the search console? The answer to these puzzling situations lies in a concept called "Thresholding", implemented by Google to prevent anyone from identifying the user based on the information available.
Make Scenario - Instantly with Pipedrive
| 8 min read
Discover the power of integrating email campaign tool with your sales CRM to manage your email marketing campaigns efficiently. Learn how we streamlined campaign responses, automated lead management, and enhanced task handling for prompt follow-ups. With Make's Webhook and Google Sheets' automation capabilities, we achieved a seamless end-to-end solution, eliminating manual efforts and reducing response times. This transformative integration has empowered us to focus on meaningful interactions, nurture valuable connections, and drive tangible business results.
Webform Submission Workflow
| 6 min read
In the ever-evolving realm of Drupal web development, adaptability and swift implementation of feature requests from business owners are paramount for successful digital ventures. When faced with the challenge of meeting the dynamic demands of the operations team and ever-changing business requirements, relying solely on native implementations can lead to prolonged deployment times and missed opportunities. Learn how we have leveraged no-code, low-code solutions and Drupal to quickly deploy a feature that made a media portal's lead management process efficient.
Pipedrive Custom Fields
| 6 min read
Unlock the power of automation with Google Sheets and AppScript to streamline your tasks. Discover how we leverage this capability to automate custom field creation in Pipedrive. This article provides a detailed guide and a ready-to-use Google Sheet for effortless customization. Experience the efficiency and convenience of automated custom field creation in Pipedrive.
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