Universal Analytics Shutdown: What Happens to Your Data?

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Google Analytics is sending out reminders about the complete shutdown of Universal Analytics (UA) services and APIs on July 1st, 2024. Many organizations have migrated to GA4 or GA4 alternatives like Matomo, Plausible Analytics, or SEAL Metrics.

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But what about your historical UA data? Google's only suggestion is to manually export reports – a daunting task for websites with 10-15 years of data. There's no Takeout option.

Backup your Google Universal Analytics (UA) data before it's deleted

Our team has successfully automated the UA data backup process for many clients. We've open-sourced a Python script to help you download the reports you need.

UA Backup

We offer the following services:

  • Downloading required reports as CSV files
  • Creating LookerStudio dashboards based on your data
  • Importing reports into tools like Matomo

Contact us for the details or checkout the UA data backup page.


A demo of Matomo interface with sample data we have downloaded from one of our UA property is accessible here (It has data from Apr 1, 2023 - Jun 30, 2023.).

A video demo is available here: Video walkthrough of Matomo interface

If you are clear on the dimensions and metrics to download, we can download the data as a csv file and use lookerstudio to create dashboards. Many of our customers choose the Channel grouping report in this way. You can see a demo of how it will look like here.  

We can also help you download the annotations if required. Here is a demo of how it will look like in the looker studio dashboard

UA Backup Landing Page