Google Universal Analytics Data Archiving Script – Version 2 Released: Act Fast Before UA Shuts Down!

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The clock is ticking! Google Universal Analytics (UA) is shutting down completely in July 2024, and if you haven't archived your valuable historical data, now is the time to act. We're excited to announce Version 2.0.0 of our Google Universal Analytics Data Archiving script, designed to help you secure your UA data before it's gone forever.

Key Features of Version 2.0.0

  • Progress Tracking and Resuming Downloads: Never lose your progress again. Our script now records progress in a log file, allowing you to resume downloads seamlessly if interrupted.
  • Generate All Reports: Archive everything with a single command. Omit the --report_id argument to download all reports specified in your configuration file.
  • Custom Settings File: Manage multiple properties efficiently. Specify custom settings files for each property using the --settings argument.
  • Improved Logging and Exception Handling: Get clear, actionable information on script execution and errors.



Why This Matters to You

Many organizations are still scrambling to download their historical UA data. This script offers a reliable and efficient way to do so. With Version 2.0.0, we've made it even easier to:

  • Secure Your Investment: Don't let years of valuable UA data disappear. Archive it for future analysis and decision-making.
  • Beat the Deadline: The UA shutdown is imminent. Our script's progress tracking and improved performance help you get your data before it's too late.
  • Simplify Your Workflow: Generate multiple reports at once, customize settings for different properties, and troubleshoot easily with enhanced logging.

Need Help? We're Here for You

We understand that data archiving can be complex. If you need assistance downloading your UA reports, our team of experts is ready to help. We can tailor a solution to your specific needs and ensure your UA data is safely archived before the shutdown.

Act Now!

Time is running out. Don't risk losing access to your valuable Universal Analytics data. Download Version 2.0.0 of our script and start archiving your data today.

Need professional assistance? Contact us now to secure your UA data before it's gone!