Empowering Marketing Teams with Digital Tools: Our Experience with AppSheet

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Our Martech team is committed to assisting our client's marketing and communication departments in actively engaging in their company's digital transformation through cutting-edge technology. A prime example of our innovative efforts is the website personalization engine. Currently, we are piloting this feature on various portals, and the results have been promising. (To understand our personalization engine's capabilities, check out the personalization demo.)

Google Sheet to manage personalization configurations

In the initial stages, Google Sheets was our go-to tool for managing configuration data related to the personalization engine. Although it's an excellent platform for data organization and team collaboration, Google Sheets doesn't meet our needs in terms of interactivity. Our goal wasn't just a long-term transformation but an immediate, efficient change.

Why We Chose AppSheet

DB in AppSheet

AppSheet, a no-code platform by Google, allows users to convert spreadsheets and other databases into functional apps without extensive coding. With its assistance, we designed a CRUD application that empowered our team to:

  •    Add fresh configurations,
  •    Read existing data,
  •    Modify configurations as needed, and
  •    Delete obsolete information.
PE Config

This tool greatly reduced the digital marketing team's time managing configuration data manually.

While AppSheet stands out, it's not the sole platform available. We selected it to explore its potential and are also open to examining other no-code platforms in the future.



Demo of the App Built Using AppSheet

Embracing Agile Prototyping

Our venture with AppSheet highlights the essence of agile prototyping. By embracing agility, we benefited in the following ways:

  • Speed: We could swiftly transition from an idea to a functional prototype.
  • Feedback Integration: Immediate feedback from the marketing team ensured constant improvements to the app.

Although AppSheet serves as an effective short-term solution, our long-term vision includes developing a comprehensive multi-tenant system for configuration management. However, the advantage right now is a functional app that simplifies tasks for the users of our website personalization engine.

The Digital Transformation Perspective

At its core, digital transformation involves leveraging technology to enhance business operations. The ability to rapidly develop several small-scale apps is essential for advancing digital transformation efforts at speed. This is where tools like AppSheet, Budibase, and others shine. 

Our experience with AppSheet shows how important it is to be flexible and proactive in the digital world. With no-code platforms, we've quickly tackled current issues and started planning for bigger things ahead. We're dedicated to giving our clients the best, helping them grow and adapt. Even though the digital world keeps changing, having the right tools and approach helps businesses keep up.