Leveraging your Customer Data Portal

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Customer data is considered one of the most valuable assets for any business. The more data we have, the more in-depth engagement we can drive with a customer. Customer data will help us know about the customer, his purchase behaviours, products of interest, potential, etc. This information will help organizations frame strategies for business as well as from the technology end.

The customer data portal will facilitate the collection of data from multiple touch points and aggregate it so that meaningful insights can be extracted from them.

There are many advantages to collecting user data. Some of them are:

  • It gives rich insights about user engagement and behaviour on the web platform, which will help analyse the user experience delivered by the platform.
  • The matrices derived from the collected data can be used to measure the effectiveness of the digital and the business strategy being followed.


Implementing a data portal can help organizations in framing:

User Engagement Strategies

The user engagement details we receive from different touch points can be used to analyze the quality of design, content quality, website structure impact, etc. This can serve as input for framing a better user engagement strategy.



Business Strategy

Details about purchase behaviour, order conversion rates, repeated order details etc., can help organizations frame business strategies for the e-commerce platform.

Marketing Strategy

It is possible to calculate the ROI of marketing activities from the matrices collected. These insights can be used to decide whether the current marketing strategy needs to be improved or not.

Technology Strategy

Data available in the customer data portal will help make technology decisions that will enhance user experience and bring in more ROI. For instance, reducing the number of page loads in the purchase process by implementing a progressive web app concept will deliver an app-like experience.



Product Development

User flow to a specific set of categories and products can bring in more insights about product comparisons done by the users and the type of experience they are looking for from their products.

Use case

Purchase Behaviour

John is on the lookout for a high-end audio device. He lands on ABC’s website through a Facebook advertisement for headphones. He is impressed by the design and features of the product. He has viewed the product video and images in the image gallery. The product reviews provided by CNET and PCMag have influenced him enough to add the product to the cart. Before making payment, though, he has second thoughts and decides to check user reviews on other websites. As the reviews are satisfactory, the next day, he returns to the website and pays to complete the order.


In this case, the data portal considered John an anonymous user till he registered on the website. Once he becomes a registered user, the details collected in the anonymous phase get added to his persona. The user journey in the above case is like this :

Social media advt >> Website home page >> Product page >> Cart >> Cart (2nd Day) >> Order completion( 2nd Day).

When we analyze this user journey, we understand that the purchase happened on the second day. If an instant offer was provided during the first visit through chat agents or content personalization, he might have completed the order on day one. Likewise, in-page navigation on the product page gives an idea about user expectations for a product page. For instance, John decides to view the video after viewing the product image. On analysis, we can see how many of those who visited the website have viewed the video. Also, the view duration can be monitored. If the duration is too low, it can be concluded that the video is not connecting with the audience. The data from the data portal can also be used to analyze details like referral source, landing page effectiveness, user interactions on the product page, order processing behaviour etc.

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