Personalization in Customer Portal
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Personalization is at the core of a customer portal. Customer portals offer a handful of personalization options to portal administrators. This include personalization of the content, communication, user experience etc. The better the personalization we deliver, the more effective will be the customer loyalty built. This also influences the purchase behaviour of a customer.

Content Personalization

Personalization features in customer portal facilitates delivering of personalized content to target audience based on their user persona. This will make customers feel that they are special. It is possible to target both anonymous as well as known users by defining personalization rules.

Content personalization can be used for:

  • Personalizing Product Details

  • Product details like price, shipping availability, product recommendations etc can be personalized for individual users as well as for a user group. Eg : Customer ‘A’ and ‘B’ will see different price for same product. As customer ‘A’ is a long standing customer, a discounted price can be shown to him. While ‘B’ being a new user views the standard price.

  • Personalizing Advertisements

  • Advertisements and offers can be customized based on user behaviour, purchase history, user persona etc. Eg : Customer ‘A’ views an advertisement for Trimmer TX-100 in home page, while Customer ‘B’ views an advertisement for a Shirt on that same slot. Here, advertisement has been personalized based on user persona.

  • Personalizing Specific Sections in Landing Pages

  • With the help of personalization systems, each landing page can be made unique based on user persona. Certain sections in landing pages can be made to display personalized data. Eg: Customer ‘A’ and ‘B’ views different discount rates on the same landing page as their referral links are different. ‘A’ is from Facebook while ‘B’ is from an email campaign.

Personalized Communication

Customer portal facilitates personalization of communication at different levels. This make customers feel like portals are exclusively communicating with them.

Personalized communication include

  • Personalized Emails

  • Email content can be personalized based on user persona. Integration of email automation systems ensure that personalized emails are reaching customers on time. Eg : An email can be sent to Customer ‘A’ about offers on the products he had searched the previous week.

  • Personalized Notifications

  • Real time notifications are another way for instantaneous communication. Custom notifications can be served to customers from their dashboards based on business rules. Any type of message can be triggered from the system. This include offers, product launch details, account summary, support messages etc. Eg : Customer ‘A’ receives a notification about stock availability of a product he had searched before. On clicking the notification, he can reach the product page.

User Experience

The core idea of customer portal is to enhance user experience and thus build brand loyalty among customers.

Customer portal enhances user experience by:

  • Offering the Service of Shopping Assistants

  • Customers can be offered the service of shopping assistants, who can clear their queries and facilitate a trouble free purchase process. Human assistants as well as AI powered intelligent chatbots can be used for this purpose. Personalization help these shopping assistants by providing insights about user persona of the customers who they are communicating with. Eg: When Customer ‘A’ initiates a conversation with agent, the agent will receive real time updates about Customer ‘A’s user persona. The agent knows he has used a marketing emailer to reach the website and he has added product ‘C’ several times to the cart. This information will help the shopping assistant to drive more meaningful engagements.

  • Virtual Tour / Product Experience Tools

  • These tools help customers to have a virtual hands on experience of the product. This include virtual product tour, exploring product experience using VR tools etc. Eg: A 360 degree video can be provided to a customer who wishes to buy a car. He can use his VR device to experience the feel of sitting inside the car.

  • Personalized Orders

  • Order personalization is another area where personalization can impact the revenue from a platform. Facilitating customers to personalize their orders will certainly increase sales. Different tools can be offered to personalize the order. This includes estimation tools, size calculation tools etc that help users place their own orders. This will deliver an effortless shopping experience. For instance: If an option is given to customer to estimate the number of wall tiles and accessories needed for a room, he can use the tool and add those products as a bundle to the cart. This will not only save customers efforts, but also increase the order value to a significant level.

This is just the tip of an Iceberg. There are many more options available in personalization. To know more about customer portal and the personalization options available, contact our sales team.



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