Data Driven Personalization in Ecommerce

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Personalization is about providing unique services and content to customers based on the company's data about their customers. Providing personalized customer experience has become a top priority for most businesses because personalization significantly impacts brand advocacy and brand loyalty. Traditionally, marketers personalize the content and services based on a sample survey that explains the behaviour of a large group with the data collected from a small group.

Reach the right user at the right time

Personalization is not just about addressing the customer by their name or suggesting products that others have bought; it is about going deeper into identifying the preference of every individual customer and tailoring the products and services to meet their preference. It is a tremendous challenge for e-commerce companies to reach the right user at the right time with the most appropriate message to motivate them to complete a goal. The best possible way to overcome this challenge is data-driven personalization.



Effect of data-driven personalization

Customer data has become the key to personalization, the more relevant data you have about your customer, the better you can implement highly effective personalization strategies for your e-commerce store. You must track every customer interaction with the site to get complete and relevant data.

Some of the significant changes that data-driven personalization can bring to e-commerce stores are

Target abandoned carts

Data-driven personalization can help to strategically target cart abandonment with a special promotional offer tailored for specific customers based on their interests and purchase behaviour.

Get valuable insight

Every action a visitor does on an e-commerce site is essential to create a comprehensive customer profile. By collecting every data about the browsing behaviour of visitors, we will be able to create personalized campaigns based on the insight and make them a customer.

Eg. If the you were able to send specific messages to customer search for a specific product and abandon the site or visit the product page multiple times a day etc.

Turn data into strategies.

Most companies will have an enormous amount of data about their customers, but most of it is not used efficiently. Data-driven personalization help to utilize these precious data to create personalization strategies that can, in-turn, create a more significant impact on customer experience.

Customer Data Platforms (CDP) can help you to get accurate insight into the interest and behaviour of every individual who visits the e-commerce site. It can also collect information from multiple touch points like data from advertisements, website visits, physical store visits etc.

Integrating Customer Data Platforms with a robust Content Management System like Drupal will help to seamlessly target the right user based on the insights from the CDP and provide unique content, such as displaying coupons or offers specific to user interests through the CMS. We have recently started a project to create a platform that can deliver personalized content based on multiple attributes available from different sources, including a CDP. If you are interested, please read more about our website personalization engine.