Automate Custom Field Creation in Pipedrive with Google Sheets

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Streamlining processes and workflows is essential for Communication, Marketing, and Sales teams to focus effectively on their core activities. By harnessing the power of automation, we aim to free organizations from time-consuming and repetitive tasks, enabling their teams to concentrate on what truly matters.

We believe in the potential of automation to enhance productivity, drive efficiency, and facilitate smoother collaboration across departments. The MarTech team at Zyxware Technologies specialize in assisting businesses in automating their processes by leveraging various tools, including HubSpot, Mattermost,, Pipedrive, and Notion. Through strategic integration with popular platforms such as Google Sheets, Make, and Zapier, we enable seamless data flow and workflow orchestration, allowing teams to work more efficiently and collaboratively.

Pipedrive Custom Fields

As an agency managing multiple Pipedrive accounts for sales automation, creating custom fields manually for each account can be time-consuming and repetitive. To streamline this process, we have developed a tool that allows you to automatically create custom fields in your Pipedrive instance using Google Sheets. This tool serves as a template for defining custom field configurations and requires minimal setup.

Custom Fields in Pipedrive

In Pipedrive, custom fields are essential for tailoring the CRM to specific business needs. However, manually managing and creating numerous custom fields across multiple Pipedrive instances can be time-consuming and error-prone. To address this challenge, our MarTech team leveraged the robust Pipedrive API and the flexibility of Google Sheets to create an automated solution that eliminates manual efforts and ensures consistent and accurate field creation. Using Google Apps Script, a cloud-based scripting language, we created a tool that seamlessly integrates Google Sheets with Pipedrive, allowing users to define custom field configurations in a centralized spreadsheet.



How It Works

The tool is built using Google Apps Script. It leverages the power of Google Sheets and the Pipedrive API to automate the creation of custom fields. You need to fill in the required information in the Custom Field Config and API Config sheets; the tool will cover the rest.

Getting Started

To get started with the tool, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the Google Sheet template provided.
  2. Fill in the field configuration details in the "Custom Field Config" sheet. Specify the field name, type, category, and options (if applicable).
  3. In the "API Config" sheet, provide your Pipedrive API key and company domain. You can obtain the API key from your Pipedrive account settings, under "Personal Preferences" > "API". The company domain is the subdomain used to access your Pipedrive account (e.g., "abc" in
  4. Once you have configured the fields and API details, you can generate the custom fields by selecting the "PipeDrive" menu in Google Sheets and choosing the "Create Fields" option. Note that you may need to grant permission for the script to execute.

Source Code

The source code for the Google Apps Script used in this application is available on GitHub. Feel free to explore, contribute, or report any issues you encounter on the project's issue tracker.

  • getAPIConfig(configSheet): This function retrieves the API token and domain name from the API Config sheet.
  • createCustomField(fieldName, fieldType, category, option):  This function creates a custom field in Pipedrive using the Pipedrive API.
  • processFields():   This is the main function that processes the custom field configurations and triggers the custom field creation.
  • onOpen():   This function is an event trigger that creates a custom menu in the Google Sheets UI.


This tool was initially developed as an internal tool, and we will continue to improve and optimize it as long as we use it. We can provide commercial support if you require any customization or assistance with a similar system built using Google App Engine.

By automating creating custom fields in Pipedrive, our tool simplifies your workflow and saves you valuable time. We hope this tool enhances your productivity and improves your experience with Pipedrive. We'd love to hear from you if you have any feedback or suggestions. Happy custom field creation!