Drupal 8: An agile and strategic digital marketing platform

Digital trends are evolving and transforming quite rapidly. Digital marketers can monitor what is being viewed, for how long and how often. Being able to analyze what content works, what doesn’t and see the sale conversions should help in making a strategic marketing plan that is agile. Drupal known for its flexibility and scalability, is a great tool for building an amazing digital marketing platform.

Avoid online fraud, keep your e-commerce business risk-free using Riskified

E-commerce businesses depend on electronic transactions to receive payment from customers for products and services. The massive volume of electronic transactions has lead to a rise in fraudulent activities. As per the data released by Global Fraud Attack Index TM, the number of attacks by fraudsters increased by 163 percent in 2015, rapidly growing two and a half times in a three-quartered period.
Credit card fraud impacts all those involved in it: the consumer whose credit card information is stolen, the merchant from whom the product is purchased, the bank that enables the transaction and the issuer who is obliged to protect its cardholders. In this dynamic e-commerce landscape, as merchants constantly sell their products through multiple channels and provide different payment methods to cater to local customer needs, keeping abreast of fraud risks is a challenging task. Riskified provides a flexible fraud prevention solution for enterprises.

Drupal E-Commerce site in 2 weeks

May 02, 2016 - 16:57

Drupal is the No.1 CMS used to build e-commerce websites. To make your business have a wider impact, an online e-commerce site is quintessential. According to Gartner's survey of 2015 marketing budgets and projection of 2016 expectations, they predict digital commerce as the mandate for driving profitable growth. The essential features that make Drupal the CMS of choice for e-commerce sites are that it is flexible, scalable and can be used to build websites of all sizes and complexities. The powerful Drupal CMS helps build sites that are secure, SEO friendly and most importantly mobile friendly. Drupal Commerce support multi-lingual, multi-currency websites.

Moodle: The smarter way to learn, share, collaborate and discover!

April 27, 2016 - 17:18

E-learning is rapidly transforming the education sector around the globe. A large number of corporations and educational institutions are switching over to e-learning due to the convenience and effectiveness it offers. E-learning is particularly useful for organizations that have offices in multiple locations and require an effective training solution that connects people at any given time, helps them achieve new competencies, launch new services/ products or improves skill sets, thus accelerating enterprise transformation and maximizing ROI.

Getting the best website by decoupling Drupal

From the static website to the latest interactive web applications, sites are built to maximize potential. But think of a scenario in which we could integrate different software components to deliver the best possible website. This is possible with decoupled architecture. Decoupled architecture refers to the whole system being split into different software components.

[Drupal] How to use Clientside validation in Drupal?

April 11, 2016 - 10:40

As part of form creation process in one of our recent project we came across one module called 'Client side Validation'. As the name implies the module supports basic as well as most advanced sort of validation methods. Validating the form user inputs is the one task we could not ignore on developing forms for a web project. Let's find out how the 'Client side Validation' will make life easy.

Standardized curriculum for Drupal Developers - Phase 1 - completed publishing content

We are happy to inform that, we have completed the the first phase of the project on creating a standardized Drupal curriculum for Drupal companies as planned. We have compiled and published our Drupal training curriculum on the groups.drupal.org wiki under the Curriculum and Training group. We are now looking to get feedback from other Drupal companies and Drupal developers on the curriculum and the training materials. We also would like to invite developers from the community to contribute towards making this curriculum better.

[Drupal] How to implement popups using ctools modal forms in your Drupal 7 site

April 04, 2016 - 18:48

One such feature used widely throughout the site is the use of popups for alerting users. Popups are nothing new to web development. In fact Drupal provides multiple tools to create popups including the more widely used Colorbox plugin. For this project we chose to go with Ctools modal popup as it provided more options than Colorbox. Read on to know how to implement popups using Ctools.

[Drupal] How to create custom offsite payment gateway module in Drupal 7

A Payment gateway tends to offer multiple types of payment services, that provides onsite and offsite options. Onsite payment is processed by a third party API using web services with the information gathered from our site through a checkout form (For example : Credit card/Debit card credentials). Offsite payment method, on the other hand, processes data entered in the payment gateway page. It redirects the users to the processing page of the payment gateway using the checkout form. After the payment is completed, the user will be redirected to the payment page, from where the user can move forward or backward in the checkout process. Here, let's take a look at the creation of custom offsite payment gateway module.

Towards building a standardized curriculum for Drupal Developers

As one of the largest exclusive Drupal agencies in India and having trained close to 200 employees over its 10 year history we are probably one of the very few Drupal firms in India in a position to take this effort that could in turn help a lot of other Drupal companies. We are looking to compile and publish our Drupal Training Curriculum in an effort to come up with a standard approach towards training developers in Drupal companies. We are looking to complete this exercise by March 31, 2016 and will be publishing the learning objectives, syllabus and curriculum under GFDL license.

[Drupal] How to get all image styles in Drupal?

December 21, 2015 - 18:45

In one of my recent project I had a task to create a content type with a select list field of all image styles. But how can we get all image styles in Drupal? In Drupal there is an option to create different image styles using a module 'image'. Image module allows users to upload images into Drupal with proper permissions along with this its thumbnails and additional sizes are created automatically. Image module also gives an image_styles() function that can be used to get all image styles and their settings.