Developers Brace Yourselves; Drupal Is the New Black!

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Be it a profession or technology; Drupal is the latest vogue. In the age of Covid19, when various fields turned out to be fair-weather friends, Drupal, stuck by their users to deal with the complex realities and took the Drupal community forward. Quality and commitment towards its clients and employees made Drupal a leading content management system for enterprise-level organisations.

To Build a Career in Drupal 

Drupal is one of the most trusted Content Management Softwares (CMS) available. It has revolutionised how we build websites with ease of use, speed, and accessibility in mind. So if you are considering your career options as a Drupal website expert and want to have long-term sustainable growth in your profession, then developing skills in Drupal would be an excellent choice. The US Department of Labor occupational outlook handbook showed that the web developers' and digital designers' occupations outsmarted the other vocations with a growth of 8% (Much higher than the average). According to the study, the trend will be the same for the next eight years(2029). 



To Keep Your Skills Sharp

To meet the changing demands and accomplish things virtually, be equipped with the latest and necessary tools. 

  • Gain hands-on experience in PHP and PHP frameworks. 
  • Combination of programming skills like CSS, HTML etc.
  • Knowledge in frontend technologies like Javascript, JQuery and AngularJS.
  •  In-depth understanding of backend tools like PHP and MySQL.
  • Understanding element arrangements on the screen
  • Proficiency in design, development and deployment. 
  • Know how to secure a Drupal site. 
  • Find where you fit in as a Drupal expert site builder: Drupal theme developer/frontend developer or a Drupal module developer/backend developer.

To Face Technical Challenges

Being open to other technologies helps you to sense the competition. 

  • Make yourself updated. 
  • Always have a nose for identifying potential threats 
  • Sharpen your technical skills and flair for creativity. 
  • Think out of the box. 

To Contribute to the Drupal Community

Drupal has a lot to offer to develop digital platforms. Keep contributing and helping the community go a long way. In the current scenario, your knowledge of coding and cyber security will make you a perfect fit to escalate the potential of Drupal. 

To Attain Success as a Developer in India

Since organizations are leveraging Drupal for enterprise website development in Indiathe future looks bright for drupal developers who have already gained knowledge in the fast-growing CMS. 

  • Take advantage of the full potential of the CMS. You can find career opportunities at every step of the Drupal process. Since Drupal is a highly specialised area, being a professional in Drupal can take you to new heights. Also, you can make good money. 
  • Be a part of the thriving ecosystem of career opportunities and experience international exposure. 


Asked about the benefits of using open source software, in the  Red hat open-source survey 2021, 87% of respondents saw enterprise open source as more secure than or as safe as proprietary software. The prediction is, there will be more than four million Indian Drupal experts by next year. The future is all yours! If your career is on a rocky phase, take this as an excellent time to hone your Drupal skills.