Top Five Reasons Why Media Businesses Are Relying On Drupal

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In the past few years, the media industry has seen drastic changes as the traditional method of circulating news has been replaced by modern and innovative technologies. The need of the hour is to find ways by which media companies can best connect with their audience and get the right content delivered through suitable media.

Hence, all the big players in media publishing are looking for ways to innovate and gain a competitive edge. The key is to leverage digital technology to help the audience experience the brand across multiple platforms. It helps drive up revenues.

Many of the world’s leading media networks operate various sites and social platforms to target a larger audience. They know it’s better to focus on all niche markets - of course, by creating multiple active websites customised to fit the requirements of their distinct market segments, they want to win.

Scaling up your organisation’s online footprint is a necessity to succeed in the age of Web 3.0. Drupal helps you with that not just in the back-end but also on the customer-facing end, going so far as increasing conversion by 25% for a media client that we worked for. 

Why Drupal?

Media runs on content, and content must contribute to revenue in a scalable manner. It calls for the right CMS (Content Management System) to achieve this while maintaining convenient operability. After all, new content keeps popping up the entire day.

In this case, Drupal CMS seems to be the pick of the litter for such solutions. It enables seamless connectivity between media, news, content, and audience. The growth of major news & media sites built with Drupal over the years is a testament to the transformation capability of this platform.

73% of the leading news and media networks like Walt Disney Company, Al Jazeera, The Economist, Time Inc., CBS, Twenty-First Century and Viacom trust Drupal and are using it.

This blog will cover the five main reasons why top news and media outlets depend on Drupal for their CMS needs and selecting the shell for all other alternatives out there. 

Let’s begin!



1. Optimised All Time for a 24/7 Hour News Cycle

The news cycle is considered as both the boon and bane for any news media. On the one hand, it ensures a steady flow of content, and therefore more opportunities to earn big bucks from subscriptions and ad space. At the same time, news media specialists have no rest for the wicked.

The novelty of a piece of news is time-critical and relies on the presentation (nobody wants to watch or read a shabbily presented article). That’s why a CMS like Drupal, which provides core, is highly preferable among newscasters. Drupal’s extensive media editor takes care of all stages of editorial work.

It goes far beyond that by providing social media integration, monetisation tools, near-universal 3rd party integration, etc.

2. Guaranteed High-level Security

As a media specialist, you must think about preventing your channel and website from cybersecurity threats to avoid your data being manipulated and misused. 

Blackhats can cause severe cyber damage to any media company. Their attacks can lead to:

  • blocking your access to your data,
  • creating a blockage to your company activities,
  • manipulating data,
  • intercepting unpublished articles,
  • blackmailing you with the company’s valuable data,
  • asking for bribes,
  • changing content that can lead to copyright issues,

and so on. 

Security support is the best perk and a priority of Drupal. Its modules keep updating with the launch of new versions and prepare the new security continually. It limits login attempts, multiple options for operating access rights through various roles and permissions, etc.

3. Multi-Lingual Delivery

Multi-lingual support is a crucial factor of any media and publishing vertical related business model as it obtains different contents through to a multi-lingual audience. A multi-lingual website enables you to send relevant messages to prospective customers in their native language. 

It means you can sell your products or services to an across-the-globe audience. 

72% of consumers across the globe search for websites in their language

Hence, creating a multi-lingual website or channel should be at the top of your expansion plan. Drupal, with its multi-lingual features, is best suited for this. 



4. Allows for Convenient Multi-Site Management

Operating multiple websites gets pretty simple with Drupal. The platform permits businesses to run various websites simultaneously established in the same code base. In other words, you don’t have to build websites from scratch every time you want to bolster your base of confined niches. You can apply the same brand of artistic and experiential quality to your various digital holdings. Or have different brand components for different audiences as well, as per your goals.

Drupal provides an excellent multi-site management solution, with complete guidance and tutorials, that lets the news empire expand as quickly as creating a blog. Connect this with Drupal’s news & media distribution and straight from the box solutions to make online presences for news agencies expand virtually overnight.

5. Personalisation And Localisation

Engagement with the audience leads to conversions, and personalisation helps you achieve engagement. Viewers choose to spend more time on content aligned to their interests or liking. Timing is an essential factor; a news channel or site that knows its readers’ most active times can take advantage of exclusive offers to particular content, push notifications, etc.

News companies should be able to push content that fits perfectly to a viewer’s sense of locality - people tend to attract towards things that might affect lives directly or indirectly. Top news and media networks need to tap into the strength of the provincial mindset. 

Final Say:-

Analysing the global media trends gives us a deeper insight into the ever-expanding possibilities of connecting with consumers in new and innovative ways. Being the platform of choice for enterprises, Drupal is helpful in all such areas and much more. No wonder TNM was able to scale up to 5 billion users with it. Need help with Drupal? We’re here!

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