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D2C Strategy FOR Consumer Packaged Goods Industry
| 11 min read
Consumer Packaged Goods companies traditionally reach their customers via a chain of retailers and distributors. However, in this approach, the companies have no direct contact with the customers, and consequently, no accurate customer data.  Additionally, companies lack the chance to strengthen their customer relationship and build consumer insights or bring innovations in products based on those. As a result, more and more CPG companies are embracing the future of retail--D2C-- and transforming digitally.
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| 5 min read
Content, commerce, and data are something that always gels together in the context of the web. One of the success factors behind the ticket selling platform I have architected a few years ago is a good example of effectively utilizing this combination. The key idea was to implement a system that is capable of spawning any number of front end portals - through which users purchase entry passes for events and a single backend system that can be used for publishing events, manage prices, manage orders as well as allocate entry passes associated with the event.