Why Do You Need a Customer Experience Platform?

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In a world where everything is digitally accessible, every company wants to stand out and leave a lasting impression on its audience. To achieve this, they use a mix of social media and digital tools. Some leave a lasting impact, while others are forgotten in a blink. Why such a disparity? What is the easiest and most effective way to connect to your audience?

The answer is quite simple: an easy to use Customer Experience Platform. But to understand how this method can help, let’s first understand what a customer experience Platform is.

What is a Customer Experience Platform?

A Customer Experience Platform or CxP is a collection of tools that allows companies to monitor and manage their interactions with the customers, both current and potential. These interactions can be in the form of all social media posts, company websites, chat boxes, customer helplines, online purchases, call centres and more. It allows businesses to assess the overall customer experience and take corrective steps if and when something is amiss.

A CxP helps you organise, manage, synchronise and automate all your interactions to make it easy to service and respond to customers. It enables you to store all customer-related data in one place and provide real-time updates for analysis. It also helps plan and creates strong customer support and contact centres as they play a vital role in customer satisfaction.

So why do you need a Cx platform, and how will it help your company?



Why Does a Company Need a Cx Platform?

A good Cx platform will create a lasting impact on the customers and help build customer relationships and create brand loyalty. It gives strong backing to the company allowing it to grow and develop. It also helps ensure that you understand your drawbacks and improve on them. 

Here are a few reasons for any company to have a Cx platform:


An essential part of Cx platforms is analytics. It helps a company collect customer data and send it to different departments (like sales or marketing) to help plan and make necessary decisions. It helps convert complex data into visually presentable formats making it easy to understand. Many companies also use third-party Business Intelligence (BI) software to analyse this data. It helps in formulating plans and using suitable means of communication to reach your audience. 

Digital Customer Experience

Digital customer experience is one of the most critical aspects that require a company’s attention. With everything available online, the company that stands out will naturally grab more traffic. It is where a good Cx platform will set a company apart. You will track customer patterns and identify problem areas that directly affect customers’ digital experience using the correct tools.



Customer Support

The maximum number of interactions that a company will have with its customers is through customer service. A customer will quickly form an opinion based on their experience with customer support. It is why a company needs a fully-featured Cx platform, as you can create a contact centre that covers all the possible questions that a customer can ask. The contact centre can also include chat boxes, talk to the expert section, guidelines, product guides, FAQs and more. You can create a customised contact centre to fit all the company and customer requirements.

Customer Survey and Feedback

Conducting customer surveys and feedback will give you a direct view of the company’s customers’ experience and opinions. A good Cx platform allows companies to offer surveys at different interaction points and collect data in a centralised system. It also provides access to relevant teams to understand where there is a loophole.

It is essential to understand that these are a few general reasons to have a good Cx platform. The grounds and uses of a Cx platform vary based on what a company wants to offer and its target audience. Some companies provide their customers with virtual product experiences, while others offer exceptional customer support.

What to Keep in Mind When Planning for a Cx Platform?

Customer experience platforms have multiple tools; they range from online survey management to journey mapping. Before you pick and choose these tools, here are a few points to keep in mind:

  1. Before you begin, you need to have a clear idea of what your end goal is. Do you want to improve your customer-facing services, or do you want data for a specific area of concern regarding customer experience or satisfaction?
  2. What type of survey would you like to use, and what questions would you like to include?
  3. Do you want to use software for analysis, or would you instead use a customer experience platform with in-built analytics features?
  4. What other software would you like to integrate with your Cx Platform?
  5. What part of your existing software would you like to retain?
  6. What interaction points would you like to focus on and why?
  7. Plan and allocate a set amount in your budget for the creation of the Cx platform.

How Does Drupal Help Create a Robust Cx Platform?

While the Cx platform is significant to companies, few companies can heavily invest in creating a good Cx platform. It does not mean that they will not make a Cx platform; they can use Drupal.

Drupal is an open-source Content Management Software that anyone can use to create their own personalised Cx platforms. It offers multiple digital experience possibilities and understands the need for users or customers to switch between different devices. Here are a few features that you can use:


Drupal offers integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other third-party software. It enables you to store customer data, create a user persona and analyse the collected data. It will help streamline the process and reduce the need to use multiple software.

Mobile Responsive

As technology keeps moving ahead, we are all getting more addicted to the use of mobile phones. Today we use it to send emails, attend video conferences and even study. It makes it imperative for all the websites to be accessible on mobile devices, laptops and tablets. You also need to plan and set campaigns for mobile users. Here is where Drupal comes in with its mobile responsive and out-of-box themes. It helps build a robust platform accessible on iPhones, iPads, and Android and Blackberry devices. 


You need to offer your customers personalised content for them to have a relevant website experience. Drupal allows you to decide what content the customer will view based on the data collected. It gives the customers a good user experience making them visit your website multiple times.

Multilingual Website and Customer Service

Customer support is an integral part of a business, and offering it in multiple languages makes it easy for customers to interact. If the customers can access the website and customer support portal in their language, they are more likely to stay on and use it again. Drupal offers automated language translation in over 100 languages. It translates the menus, taxonomy, particular fields, blocks, contact forms and comments.

These features make drupal an excellent choice to create your own Cx platform. Being open-source, you can access multiple modules or create one and receive help from their in-house team to create a secure and stable site.

Customer experience Platform helps form customer opinions and ensure that they are satisfied. You can use Cx software to create the platform or make the platform on your own. There are multiple options to choose. You need to decide whether or not you need a good and stable Cx platform.