Why Drupal is Best for Content Heavy Websites?

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Having all your business needs met and satisfying every user through a single website is challenging. If you are looking for a safe and powerful framework to build your heavy content website then Drupal is the right Content Management System to build your application on. Drupal is highly customizable and can be scaled to meet the needs of content-heavy websites like those in the government, media and publishing space.

Why Drupal is the Right Fit for Content Heavy Websites?

Let us check the features that make Drupal the right choice for your content-heavy website.




Drupal is a free CMS that is backed by millions in the innovative open source community.

Multilingual Support

You can set a base language and add any number of languages to display your content. It ensures a localized digital experience that enhances the user experience.

Mobile Compatibility

People are not depending solely on computers to access data from the internet. To get more audience you should go mobile. For the same, you need a responsive web design. Drupal offers easily customizable responsive themes.



Editorial Workflow

Content editing is not easy especially when you are dealing with a huge volume of information. When many other CMS struggle to offer a user-friendly method to organize all your information. Drupal accommodates every bit of your information in an engaging and easy-to-find manner.

Page Layout

There are a plethora­ of layouts to display content in the Drupal layout builder. These provide a better navigation experience that converts any casual visitor to a regular customer. Above all Drupal gives you full control over your content.

Content Delivery Across Multiple Channels

Increasing competition and consumer preferences demand more from you to generate direct revenue other than creating the content. Here you need to have a strategy to find what works for you and your website.


While giving a unique look to your website, Drupal ensures that your website is secure too. Several government sites are built with Drupal. The active security team of Drupal keep their eyes open to the new code commits for any potential vulnerabilities and releases security patches proactively. The extremely strong built-in security that protects web pages from cyber-attacks is the main reason for them to choose Drupal from the rest.

By doing website security audits, performing daily backups, and updating the latest version of Drupal you can completely ensure your cyber security. Quick response to security issues is another attraction. A large, dynamic, and dedicated community across the globe reviews and supports Drupal.  The Drupal community ensures that your website remains secure and issue-free.

Why do Media and Publishing Houses Prefer Drupal?

High content volume and massive traffic are the key features of any publishing house. To serve the audience what they want, publishing houses require the latest techniques for faster production and dissemination of information. Whatever content you want to feature Drupal has all the required ingredients to support you. Drupal can accommodate diverse media content like high-resolution images, audio, video clips, interviews, podcasts, and many more.

Other features include

  • Free mobile-friendly  and responsive themes
  • Easy scheduling and removal of content
  • Content personalisation
  • Social network integration to attract more users

All the above-mentioned features make Drupal the ideal CMS for content-rich websites. With Drupal, you can connect with your users across the globe seamlessly. Zyxware helps media agencies in streamlining content delivery by activating scheduling systems, publishing workflows, content staging, etc. We are managing media websites that have more than a million visits every day.

Be it the creation of a simple blog or a heavy content website or the streamlining of content delivery Drupal can be your potent and flexible CMS. All the requirements of your website can be met using available and contributed Drupal modules that are secure and up to date. Drupal will make people talk about your website.