6 Essential Chrome Extensions for Your SEO Toolkit

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Hey fellow SEO enthusiasts! Are you tired of complex SEO tasks slowing you down? Let me share with you some of the browser extensions I use on a day-to-day basis. These aren't just tools; they're the best allies in my SEO journey. These Chrome extensions can simplify your work and boost your efficiency. 

6 Best SEO Chrome Extensions That Make My Daily Tasks Easier

1.Redirect Path: Identify bad redirects and check page status codes in seconds. This helps me make informed decisions when I do an SEO audit

Redirectpath SEO Chrome Extension

2. Ubersuggest: Backlinks are the backbone of SEO, and this Chrome extension has been invaluable for my link-sharing campaigns. It helps review multiple domains daily, assessing page authority, organic traffic, and any major traffic drops, especially from target countries. It simplifies my campaign management workflow.

Ubersuggest SEO Chrome Extension
Ubersuggest SEO Chrome Extension 01

3. Google Analytics Debugger: Tracking what is happening on your website is an important part of SEO game. This extension is a handy tool combined with the Google Analytics 4 Debug feature to test whether the events are firing properly or data is properly getting tracked on Google Analytics.

4. Mobile Simulator: Mobile-friendliness is key to SEO success. This Chrome extension instantly tells me if a page is mobile-friendly or needs optimization. It makes checking mobile responsiveness much easier, especially for the popular devices from which people are accessing your website.


Mobile Simulator SEO Chrome Extension

5. Grammarly: Creating content and optimizing it for SEO is something that I do on a daily basis. SEO is all about content, and it is important to make sure that your content's tone is set to the right target audience. Grammarly, with its AI and language algorithms, helps me optimize content so that it aligns perfectly with people's search intent.

Grammarly SEO Chrome Extension

6. Lighthouse: Search engines are now investing heavily in identifying how your website is performing for visitors and consider it as one of their ranking signals. FCP, FID, LCP, and CLS are some KPIs that an SEO analyst wants to optimize for better rankings in search engines. I use Lighthouse to generate reports that are ready to share with the dev team to optimize the page speed of the website.


Enhance Your SEO with These 6 Essential Chrome Extensions

As I wrap up, these top 6 SEO Chrome extensions are valuable tools that can simplify your SEO tasks. While these extensions are fantastic, remember, there are plenty of other tools like HubSpot and SEMRush that I also rely on in my work. Also, tools that we made in-house with Appscript and Python like the bulk URL status checker help me do the work efficiently. I hope this list proves useful for you, and if you have any SEO questions, don't hesitate to reach out!