How to Launch a Website Redesign

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An Indian financial company needs to differentiate the digital platform from competitors and build a solid digital presence to retain its leadership in this segment as the market has become competitive with the entry of various small and big players. Due to its traditional and old look and poor navigation, the current platform did not give an excellent digital presence. It is not conducive to digital marketing and brand-building activities to acquire new customers.




The said company entrusted Zyxware with developing the revamped platform with improved discoverability on the web and a better customer experience.

For this, Zyxware defined a four-fold approach mentioned below to finalise the platform’s design in consultation with the client

  • Prepare a Communication Brief
  • Build Wireframes
  • Finalise the User Experience Design
  • Clickable Prototype with annotations for Development


  • Prepare a Communication Brief

Zyxware prepared the Communication Brief to guide the revamp of the platform as a digital lead generation platform that becomes an engine of growth for the organisation. The Communication Brief includes an articulation of the Communication Objective, a Strategy, and a broad Execution guideline. 



    Finalise the User Experience Design

We informed them of the User Experience Design process through the Communication Brief, which led to the platform’s design covering visual details, information, content architecture, interactions on the platform, and discoverability of the platform on the web.

  • Building the Wireframes

Zyxware used Visual static components (images, texts) and interactive experience elements (Multi stage forms) to design the final wireframes to construct user experience designs for the target audience.

  • Clickable Prototype with Annotations for Development

Zyxware developed the prototypes of website design with brand guidelines (brand colours, brand fonts, Images) with annotations highlighting the rationale for each visual element and text.

The above steps lead to a set of guidelines to develop the platform design to create a required user experience for the digital platform.