Google Analytics

Universal Analytics End Of Life
| 9 min read
Google Analytics is sending out reminders about the complete shutdown of Universal Analytics (UA) services and APIs on July 1st, 2024. Many organizations have migrated to GA4 or GA4 alternatives like Matomo, Plausible Analytics, or SEAL Metrics. But what about your historical UA data? Google's only suggestion is to manually export reports – a daunting task for websites with 10-15 years of data. There's no Takeout option.
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| 4 min read
Keywords are crucial to content marketing as address is for a house. If you don’t have a proper address indicating the house number, lane, city, district and pin code, your guests will never be able to make it to your house. Similarly, if you don’t use the right keywords in your content, your target customers will never be able to make it to your web page.
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| 5 min read
When Google acquired Urchin Software Corporation almost a decade ago, it decided to use the Urchin-on-Demand to form the base of its new product called Google Analytics. This service is made available to anyone who has a Google account and provides analytical tools and statistics for SEO. Simply put, it’s a free web tool that creates comprehensive statistics about the activity on a particular website and analyses it, so the website owner can use it to their advantage.
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| 3 min read
In Drupal, some modules add tabs to pages and these tabs(Primary tabs) are shown in the top of each page for authenticated users. Some of these tabs are not needed for some roles. There are cases where we want to hide such tabs like, Bookmarks, File browser, Orders etc., from primary tabs for roles other than administrator. We can remove these undesired tabs from primary tabs programmatically.