What is Google analytics and what are its business benefits?

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When Google acquired Urchin Software Corporation almost a decade ago, it decided to use the Urchin-on-Demand to form the base of its new product called Google Analytics. This service is made available to anyone who has a Google account and provides analytical tools and statistics for SEO. Simply put, it’s a free web tool that creates comprehensive statistics about the activity on a particular website and analyses it, so the website owner can use it to their advantage.

Google Analytics makes valuable use of the first party cookies from the site visitor’s computer by gathering the user data into your account, thus analysing the traffic and audience needs while they move along the purchase path.

So, in a nutshell, Google Analytics gives you an insight to:

  • How many visitors did your website get?
  • Which specific pages did they visit?
  • Where do your visitors come from?

Let us dive into a few facts about Google Analytics and its popularity:

  • Google Analytics is used by 50% of the top million websites in the world
  • 60% of the top 10,000 websites employ Google Analytics for its use
  • It has been installed in more than 10 million websites

While these mind-boggling figures are great to look at, it’s not without prudent reasons that Google Analytics has found favour with the best websites that abound the virtual world. Read ahead to know more about its incredible features and its benefits:

Tracking of Social Media: Since social media is a major driver of visitor traffic to your website, the number of users can be tracked based on who clicks on the social media buttons while visiting blog sites etc. Bloggers mostly encourage their readers to like them through FB or Twitter which is a simple but guaranteed method of driving in consumers and users in pretty large numbers. What better way to go viral on the social media!

Knowing your audience path through outbound links:The tracking of outbound link behaviour i.e. the places your visitor visits after exiting your webpage, is a key feature that Google Analytics provides and helps you to understand your consumer’s behaviour deeply. It also helps you as the website owner to know which spots give the best conversion so that the best links can be interchanged to get into that prime spot.

Categorization of visitors: Google Analytics allows the setting up of custom campaign URLs which in turn categorize the visitors and track those who arrive at your site via the social media buttons and this is possible by adding a few parameters after the URL.

IP exclusion:This useful feature by Google Analytics separates it from the rest as it allows you to exclude your own IP address from the analysis. You will get the real picture of the traffic to your website and will not include yours and your teams’ frequent forays to know the volume of traffic, which is pretty common when it is newly installed.

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