The importance of using keywords in Content marketing

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Keywords are crucial to content marketing as address is for a house. If you don’t have a proper address indicating the house number, lane, city, district and pin code, your guests will never be able to make it to your house. Similarly, if you don’t use the right keywords in your content, your target customers will never be able to make it to your web page.

Now, what is a keyword? To put it simply, a keyword refers to the usage of words that aligns the web content with the search words used by customers on various search engines. Suppose if someone is looking for diapers and types the word ‘diaper’ on the Google search bar, all the web content that has the word ‘diaper’ in them will be displayed. There will be e-commerce websites selling diapers and then there will be blogs and articles, reviews on various brands of diapers etc. This is the major role of keywords in content marketing.

Online marketing thrives on the right keyword usage. All the content marketing techniques namely, SEO/ SEM or SMO, primarily depend on keyword enriched content to generate traffic and higher search engine rankings.

However, it has been noticed that an over doze of keywords usually harms the website more than helping it. The keywords should be specific and the used in the right proportion so as to get good ranking and generate more traffic to the website.

So, how can you use keywords in an effective manner? Let’s find out:

  • The first and foremost thing is to identify a range of keywords. It is important to find a collection of a few chosen words that make complete sense and are unique enough to get the target customers to your web page.
  • Next task is to identify the right keyword density and placement in your web page. Keywords should be used at the right place, in right order and in an appropriate density. The most appropriate places for using the keywords are the header tags, tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, URLs, ads, content, content headlines and page titles.
  • Make use of a wide range of keyword tools to help you find a list of efficient keywords. After that, all you need is to shortlist appropriate ones and use them in your web page and optimize them to get the desired results.
  • Remember not to overuse the keyword as that will mar all your efforts. Too much of keyword variation at one place is not encouraged. Rather spread it out in an efficient manner in order to drive traffic. Search engines do not encourage keyword stuffing.

Knowing how to choose the keywords and using is in an efficient manner can help you make your mark in the ever crowded web world. It is the ultimate winning streak that helps you get a good ranking on the search engines, thereby accelerating the growth of your online business.

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