Google Analytics 4 Vs Universal Analytics: What’s the significant difference?

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Google Analytics 4 (Ga4), formerly known as App + Web propertyis the new version of Analytics launched on October 14, 2020.

The significant difference between Google Analytics 3 and Google Analytics 4 is the measurement model that they are using. Universal Analytics uses a measurement model based on page views and sessions. But Google Analytics 4 uses a measurement model based on events.

Key Features Of Google Analytics 4 (Ga4)

  • Ga4 allows us to modify and collect events and conversions without the help of developers. 
  • Ga4 will enable you to set up cross-domain management easily. Through that, we can easily measure the user journey across various domains.
  • Ga4 has both lifecycle and eCommerce reporting that helps to understand the E-commerce funnel better.
  • Ga4 has the feature of Data Import for both App and Web events. This feature allows you to transfer data to your Google Analytics 4 property. 



Key Features Of Universal Analytics

  • Universal Analytics provides a unique User ID to every user visiting the website. It helps improve the reporting and then make sure all the activities from a User ID are coming from the same user.
  • Universal Analytics helps to create both custom metrics and custom dimensions. You can use both of them to collect and analyze data that Universal Analytics doesn’t automatically track. 
  • Another one is the advanced segment. With the help of this, you can segment your users based on how they found you.
  • Universal Analytics provides three tracking codes that help to collect more insightful information about website users.

Challenges with Google Analytics 4 (Ga4)

  • Ga4 does not have any feature to calculate the non-google campaign expenses. We need to integrate with third-party sites.
  • Ga 4 change history does not reflect all API secret activities.

Challenges with Universal Analytics

  • Universal Analytics does not support Cross-device reporting.
  • Data Processing Latency in Universal Analytics is 24-48 hours. So, generally, the universal analytics reports will get refreshed only once a day.


Nowadays, both universal analytics and google analytics 4 is familiar to everyone. Web admins rely on both as Google analytics allow keeping both features in the same websites. It helps us understand our data from a different perspective.