How automation can benefit the HR domain
| 9 min read
Pandemic has compelled digital transformation (DX) for most industries, making DX a "must-have" thing rather than a "nice-to-have" one. But embracing new operations methods came with its own set of challenges for each domain, and HR is no exception. While acquiring the right talent has always been one of the biggest challenges of HR, they now have the onus of maintaining culture, employee engagement, hiring, retention, or laying off during the work from home scenario. That's an entire set of added challenges no one would have envisioned.
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| 6 min read
The road transport department is constantly battling with the problem of poor routing and scheduling; random criminal acts that destroy public transport vehicles - resulting in higher maintenance costs. The department is also faced with the problem of having very little data available at its disposal to track and optimize the current fleet’s performance. The complexity of the problem further enhances when public transport vehicles start and return from multiple depots, and many of these routes are return journeys to the original depot.