Driving Efficiency and Collaboration: The Power of Automation with Pipedrive, Notion, Make, and Mattermost

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Automation has revolutionized businesses' operations, allowing for increased efficiency, streamlined processes, and improved collaboration. These days we use many tools for our daily operations, such as Hubspot, Pipedrive, Mautic, and Notion. Make (an alternative to Zapier - the more popular automation/integration tool) seems a good fit for us.

In some recent projects, we have integrated multiple tools to improve the efficiency of operations of the business users. One powerful example of automation in action is the combination of Pipedrive, Notion, Make, and Mattermost. This integration has proven incredibly beneficial, saving manual work and enhancing collaboration between different teams.

The Drop Times Operations Challenge

The Drop Times is a media organization, and we provide the required technical support to run their daily operations. There is one team for contacts and reach-out activities, and another team is responsible for content production. To effectively manage the operations, the marketing team utilize Pipedrive, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, and the content team relies on Notion for daily task management - including content calendar and workflow. Working with two different tools and two different teams is always a challenge. The content and marketing teams faced multiple collaboration issues due to this.



Integrating Pipedrive and Notion

By integrating these tools, we have established a seamless flow of tasks through various stages in both systems. This automation ensures that important information is shared effortlessly between teams, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the chances of errors. As a result, our teams can focus on their core responsibilities, maximizing productivity and output.

The integration between Pipedrive and Notion enables us to synchronize data and streamline our workflows. For example, when a contact is added or updated in Pipedrive, it automatically reflects in Notion, providing both teams real-time access to the latest information. This integration enhances communication, allowing our teams to stay on top of their tasks and collaborate effectively.

Mattermost for real-time collaboration and messaging

Furthermore, the integration of Mattermost adds another layer of automation to our processes. Mattermost, a real-time messaging platform, enables us to instantly push updates and notifications to team members. This ensures that everyone is aware of the latest developments, deadlines, and changes, promoting efficient coordination and reducing the chances of miscommunication.

In addition to real-time updates, Mattermost also serves as a reminder system. It can send automated messages to team members, helping them stay on track and meet deadlines. These reminders alleviate the need for manual follow-ups, freeing up valuable time and resources for better utilisation of other critical tasks.


With the combined power of Pipedrive, Notion, Make, and Mattermost automation, we were able to transform the operations at The Drop Times. By eliminating manual work and facilitating seamless collaboration, we have experienced significant improvements in efficiency, productivity, and overall team performance.

Automation has become an essential tool for modern businesses, allowing them to optimize their operations and achieve greater success. Integrating these powerful tools has saved us time, improved the quality of our work, and strengthened teamwork. As technology advances, we look forward to exploring new automation possibilities and enhancing our processes for even better outcomes.

Please get in touch with us if you use multiple tools and want to optimize operations through automation.  We can provide the necessary consulting and implementation support for any tool integration to streamline your operational process.