Role of Digital Technology to Automate Exam Management

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Examinations are integral to education systems. Till now, most exams have been conducted manually. However, advancement in digital technology demands that examination activities are automated. 

Automated exam management will help in the computerisation of the routinely undertaken activities. It will also make the workforce available to enhance the processes. According to leaders in the education domain, the automated system will help both students and exam cell coordinators. 

Advancements in information and communication technology have created innovative ways for operational procedures in different sectors. The educational sector has improved management, teaching, and administrative processes by making them accessible, quick, and effective. It is now time for automating the examination process by using digital technology. Zyxware has the right capability to provide a cloud-based automated exam management system. 

Exams are a key to performance assessments. They must be carried out accurately and with utmost precision. The automated examination management system is an advanced, agile and scalable way to automate all exam-related tasks easily.

Here is how digital technology can automate exam management-

Stress-Free Procedure

Manual examinations are stressful and burdensome affairs. It includes the distribution of question papers and the management of candidates’ records. Additionally, there are factors like the collection of answer sheets and invigilation in the examination hall. All these add up to the complex nature of manual exams. Questions can be loaded onto the computers using digital technology. They provide these computers to the students while taking the test. It deftly addresses issues like identity fraud and makes invigilation a simple affair.



Streamline Processes

Manual exam procedures start right from registering students. It further includes:

  • Creating roll lists
  • Making timetable
  • Setting question papers
  • Making seating arrangements
  • Assessing answer papers 
  • Preparing the mark-sheets

All these steps have to be carried out in the proper sequence. Any incongruity might make the process more cumbersome and disrupt the exam schedule. Besides, any missing or muddled data might create significant damage.

With digital technology, all these can be automated and streamlined. It also aligns the steps in the most efficient way. Moreover, it ensures that all collected data is arranged in the required format. Digital technology can also store data on a central platform providing seamless access to everyone involved.

On-Time Results

The results of examinations determine profound career paths for students. It decides on college admissions and course selection. In the case of manual tests, results are often delayed due to factors like a high number of candidates. Late results lead to stress for students.

A digital technology-enabled automated examination marks each student immediately after the test is conducted. It is fast and much less demanding. The marks are immediately sent to a centralised database of the education institution for appropriate storage. The institution can print the marks and/or display them publicly or privately for easy and quick access.

Robust Performance Management

One of the primary aims of exams is to manage students’ performance. Results conducted all through the study period need to be well managed. The results must also be easily accessible to parents and students. Digital technology helps to collect and store the data for record-keeping efficiently.

Digital technology can create a personalised learning environment that can benefit students with accessible and 24*7 access. It can also easily manage students’ data for effective classroom learning and performance assessment. In Digi-tech-enabled automated examination systems, chances of data loss are greatly expunged. 

It is time for schools and colleges to opt for an automated examination management system. It will help them keep pace with the rapid changes in the education industry. It will also save time, effort and hassles. Are you looking for open-source ERP software for your educational institutions? Feel free to write to us: [email protected]